I Just Can’t Do It Today (and a Prediction)

Trying to decide at which particular point to dive into the sewer that is the news this morning, you have found me still standing on the diving board.

It’s a seething wickedness, like a pool jam-packed full of starved piranhas.

Oh! And before I go on, let me here record a prediction:

Someday soon, some “judge” will rule that certain men are in fact women, just because they say they are, and certain women are in fact men, just because they say they are, and anyone who refuses to honor their ridiculous claims is guilty of a crime. Never mind the indisputable biological fact that every single cell in a man’s body carries male chromosomes, which can never be changed no matter what else he may have done to himself. Facts will no more matter.

That being said, where do I jump in? It’s not that I’m afraid the piranhas will eat me. I just can’t bring myself to submerge my head in such filthy water.

Father in Heaven! You could end this in the next hour, if that were Your will.

O Jesus Christ Our Lord, please give us, Your servants, the strength to occupy until You come.

6 comments on “I Just Can’t Do It Today (and a Prediction)

  1. I hear you, loud and clear. Acts 4:29 immediately comes to mind. We will need this very soon.

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