Exec Order Bans… Mr. Potato-Head

This classic children’s toy was first brandcd racist in Rhode Island in 2000 ( http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/chatterbox/2000/09/is_mr_potato_head_racist.html ).

Breaking News: Now, by Presidential Executive Order No. 33,478,609, the federal government will confiscate all Mr. Potato-Head sets, new and old.


“It was bad enough that Mr. Potato-Head, ever since he was invented in 1949, spread and promoted racism,” said White House spokesperson Valerie Schlemozzle. “But now we know that Mr. Potato-Head also spreads homophobia, Climate Change Denial, Gender Change Denial, cissexism, and ableism. And the President has decided, Enough is enough!”

Starting the week of May 1, Attorney General Loretta Lynch explained, anyone found in possession of a Mr. Potato-Head toy will be shot.

“Our president knows he has but a little time left in office, and his wrath is very great,” said Ms. Lynch. “He will not leave office knowing that Mr. Potato-Head is still out there!”

April Fool.

4 comments on “Exec Order Bans… Mr. Potato-Head

  1. You almost had me for a minute there. Just shows how over-the-top things have become. Every day, a new surprise, and most of them negative.

  2. Very good! But if he really does ban Mr. Potato Head, he’ll have to immediately leave office. 🙂

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