Libs Still Plotting to Jail ‘Climate Change’ Dissenters

Here we go again: libs–that is, Democrat state attorneys general (no Republicans) and other low forms of life–trying to win the “Climate Change” argument by jailing anyone who doesn’t believe in man-made Global Warming ( ).

Here we have Democrats, aka foaming-at-the-mouth communist wannabes, trying to stifle free speech. It’s the only way they can attempt to stifle free thought. If you’re not allowed to say it, why bother thinking it? You might even lose the ability to think it.

Please try to imagine the enormity of the crime they contemplate.

In any contentious, controversial issue of public concern, they propose to silence a dissenting opinion by using the legal apparatus of the state to crush it.

In what sense, other than a totally loopy one, can the First Amendment be said to have any meaning, if this is what they do?

The nearest and most deadly threat to our civil liberties is not posed by Islamic jihad fanatics. If we only had the stomach for it, we could swat them down like bugs.

The worst threat to our liberties is our public officials and our leaders. Al-Qaeda has no power to void our Bill of Rights. But as you can see from the news story above, our own home-grown Dems are out to do that very thing.


7 comments on “Libs Still Plotting to Jail ‘Climate Change’ Dissenters

  1. I know they think they know better, and we who have any normal brain function left know that they are either badly delusional or willfully evil. Probably both. They could be surprised some day to find that God’s judgment falling upon them to show His power and authority and to let them know Who is really Lord of the climate, the weather, everything. It will be a shock.

  2. ‘Minority Report’ and the thought police are working overtime, along with our institutions of – ahem – higher learning. Their goal apparently is to dumb the general population down to such a degree that only driveling idiots remain – they being the exception, of course.

    Erlene, you’re absolutely correct! God is in control, and when they come face to face with Him, it will be a very powerful moment.

    1. It’s no joke.
      The libs aren’t going to be in power forever. And if someday they are crushed by the weapon that they forged, it will only be just.

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