Sanity Break: Squirrel at Play

Hi, Mr. Nature here!

I’ve seen this going on in my yard many, many times, but I still get a kick out of it–a squirrel playing with a stick. Maybe you’ve seen it, too. They do this when there don’t happen to be any other squirrels around to play with. This little game with the stick argues for imagination, intelligence, and a certain joy in living on the squirrel’s part.

God’s stuff works!

2 comments on “Sanity Break: Squirrel at Play

  1. Thanks for the smiles this afternoon, Lee! 🙂 Squirrels know how to have a little carefree fun. I’ve also seen them play with really big pinecones too. They’re almost like cats playing with a toy – rolling around and kicking at it. What joyous fun!

  2. Cute. These frantic-looking, jerky movements remind me of the I feel when I’m in the kitchen trying to get some cooking or baking done- nervous movement that wear me out. (except I’m not cute, just clumsy)

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