An Impertinent Question

This is what we look like after how many generations of using each other’s heads for pinatas?

[See previous post, if you haven’t seen it already.]

So cultural practices–like, for instance, clubbing each other on the head–can shape our physical evolution? Really?

Given, then, the enormous cultural differences that we find all over the world, some of them going way back in time, how come the human race is still one species? Shouldn’t we have evolved in dozens of species, based on our widely varying cultural practices?

No easy way out of this one!

6 comments on “An Impertinent Question

  1. Don’t worry, Lee, they’ll just make more stuff up so they can provide us with ‘conclusive speculation’.

  2. The possibilities are endless if you are not hampered by truth. The more clever you are, the more scenarios you can construct.

  3. I’ve said this before too. There is no way we would have evolved the exact same way. And surely four hands would have been better than two. 😉

    1. The doctrine of Evolution demands way too much of chance, and invests it with a godlike power to do miracles.

  4. Ancient man ‘may’ have evolved a thicker skull because they ‘may’ have been clubbing each other over the head, ‘possibly’ resulting in other such anatomical differences as smaller, denser brains; bony eyelids; and an IQ of 35.

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