Elfs Thay Are Reel!

Hear at Collidge we are alyaws exploring the frontears of knolidge. I nevver knew that elfs thay was reel untill i seen this hear viddio we seen it in Gender Studdies Class and my prefesser he “sayed well pittchers” thay dont lye!!

I bet yiu diddnt kno that elfs thay are caused by Climbit Chang and aslo bye Income Innaqualty, those are The things “that” wake the elfs up! Yuo can seee it rihgjt hear in The viddio! And iff that is not enugh to confince yuo i fuond another viddio let mee seee iff i can plug it into this hear post I wil bee rihgjt back!

Wel their now! yiu has seen it “for” yuosself! and If yiu was in collidge lyke i am and if yiu was a Interllectual lyke me yuo wuld kno it not a Hoax! Unles it was “that” Donold Trump he mihgjt do a Hoax becose he kno Hillery she is goinge to “be” Pressidant and so he try to cheet.

But Any interrlectural he can seee this Is True Sceintiffick Proof that elfs thay are reely reel! and thare going to bee a lott mor Elfs aruound unles thay pur them Climbit Chang Denyers in Prisn whare thay belong!

3 comments on “Elfs Thay Are Reel!

  1. Comrade I identify as an elf and your macroaggression has infringed upon my safe space. Because I think I am an elf that makes it so. I’m reporting you to MiniTRU for thoughtcrime because you deviated from hive mind groupthink and any dissent from liberal orthodoxy is punishable by re-education camps administered by esteemed party member comrade Billy Ayers. Forward!

  2. Wonder what the official maximum size would be in order to be considered an elf. One of my daughters is 4’10” And are hobbits considered elves? The Science Channel insists that hobbit bones have recently been discovered.

    By the way, Joe Collidge, I’m impressed – you actually spelled ‘hoax’ correctly!

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