Yet Another Hellish Scheme

A team of scientists (I use the word advisedly) in Newcastle, UK–where they can’t figure out how to manage with the people who were born normally–is working on a project to create designer babies from the DNA of four parents instead of two ( ).

If only Heinrich Himmler could have lived to see this! He’d be turning cartwheels over it.

They have no clear idea, of course, how this cute little science project will turn out; but, like the ninnies in Jurassic Park, they’ve just got to go ahead with it.

Folks, if you think I enjoy reporting stuff like this, you’d better think again. But we do need to know what we’re up against, so that when we petition our God to deliver us out of this evil age, we know what we’re asking for.

Prayer is the only weapon they can never take away from us.

4 comments on “Yet Another Hellish Scheme

  1. ‘The Boys From Brazil’ wasn’t too far off, unfortunately. These people show themselves to be satanic – completely given over. Sick is too kind a word for them. Diabolical seems to fit a little better.

    You’re right, Lee. Jesus did instruct us to watch and pray. We must know what we are watching for, praying for and praying against.

    God help us!

  2. Finite man tinkers with God’s handiwork. Not a good idea. We human beings (the “scientists”) in this case don’t have all the answers regarding DNA. One baby out of four parents. Makes me sick to think about it.

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