‘Curtain’ Revisited

Curtain: Poirots Last Case

I don’t generally review books I’ve already reviewed. But I’ve just finished re-reading Curtain and it shocked me all over again.

This was a heckuva book to be writing while World War II was going on and German V-2 rockets were killing people on the streets of London. But that’s when Agatha Christie wrote it–the story of Hercule Poirot’s last case, written when she still had two more decades’ worth of Poirot mysteries to write–and then she locked it in a safe for 30 years.

In Curtain the world war is never mentioned. One senses that the action in the story could have taken place either just before the war or just after–although in terms of the Poirot timeline, that would be impossible. But that’s not why I’m writing this review.

Have you ever been involved in a group conversation in which one or two persons comes out with something totally outrageous, wicked, beyond the pale–and gets away with it? Worse–everybody else sort of tepidly, timorously agrees with it, even though you can tell by their body language that they don’t really agree and would just like this part of the evening to be over. So somebody drops a bomb–“I don’t care what they say, people who say they don’t believe in Climate Change ought to be jailed!”–and everybody else nods their heads, maybe mutters “Yeah, uh-huh,” and totally fails to call them out on it. Because, I guess, who wants to get into another one of those interminable arguments?

A lot of that goes on in Curtain. Characters natter on about useless lives, lives not worth living, people who are a burden to others, and how they all need to be humanely put out of the way, cull the crowd for the good of the species etc. And no one else ever says, “What are you, some kind of Nazi? You sound like Heinrich Himmler talkin’–if he were here, he’d fit right in!” I mean, we don’t even get an “Oh, come now!”

Now… why would Agatha Christie include such conversations in her novel unless she had heard them, probably pretty often, before World War II broke out? Heard them at dinner parties or casual get-togethers. Heard them from well-educated, highly thought-of people. After all, it was eugenics–which was Settled Science in the 1930s. You had to agree or you were anti-science.

Gee, I wonder why so many people in Britain became convinced that their ruling class wanted to sell them out to Hitler. Well, has our ruling class sold us out to China? Honk if you don’t think it looks that way.

This is a shocking book. Agatha Christie wrote it while her nation was fighting for its very life against an enemy that believed in eugenics and had no compunction at all about putting it into grim practice–an enemy with which her nation’s ruling class had much in common.

One wonders to what extent God had to intervene to keep Britain from entering into an alliance with Nazi Germany.


Oh, Boy! Scientists Make Mice with Two Dads!

Image result for images of frankenstein's lab

See? See? Science can too do anything it wants! Yes, thanks to Science, we can, we can keep the human species going even if we convince everybody to be “gay.”

‘Cause now scientists in China have done just that with mice! (https://www.statnews.com/2018/10/11/mice-same-sex-parents-stem-cells-crispr/). Yessiree, mice with two dads! All courtesy of messing around with the genetics.

They wound up with more than 400 embryos, starting with two dads and a lot of hi-tech genetic intervention. Of those, ten were actually born! The fact that all ten died well before reaching adulthood–well, that was almost certainly due to homophobia.

In 2004 Japanese scientists made mice with two moms. Again, 400+ embryos. Again, ten born. One of the baby mice made it to adulthood. Surely the most expensive mouse in the history of life on earth.

What the scientists are trying to do is to overcome the hard-wired inability of mammals and flowering plants to produce offspring by asexual reproduction.

Yeah, yeah–they say it’s so they can learn how to get into the gene and heal genetic diseases, correct genetic flaws. We are at liberty not to believe this.

You know the Left is going to seize on this and demand the technology be used to allow same-sex pseudo-couples to reproduce. And who cares if it messes up the baby’s genes in ways that no one has even yet imagined? That is if they don’t abort it before it’s born.

Somehow that seems to be exactly where these people want to go–allowing pairs of sodomites to make a baby so they can then have an abortion.

It was satire once. Now… not so much.

Yet Another Hellish Scheme

A team of scientists (I use the word advisedly) in Newcastle, UK–where they can’t figure out how to manage with the people who were born normally–is working on a project to create designer babies from the DNA of four parents instead of two ( http://www.christianheadlines.com/blog/scientists-want-to-create-babies-from-dna-of-4-parents.html ).

If only Heinrich Himmler could have lived to see this! He’d be turning cartwheels over it.

They have no clear idea, of course, how this cute little science project will turn out; but, like the ninnies in Jurassic Park, they’ve just got to go ahead with it.

Folks, if you think I enjoy reporting stuff like this, you’d better think again. But we do need to know what we’re up against, so that when we petition our God to deliver us out of this evil age, we know what we’re asking for.

Prayer is the only weapon they can never take away from us.