No Moar Consurfatives aloud In collidge!!

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{this it is us out-syde The Dene’s Ofise!}

Wood yiu beleave it?? Fore or Five Racist Biggits thay got tagether “and” caled thareselfs “Yung Amarickens Four Freeedem”” and “thay” aksed the Collidge to give themb Offisule Reckonition!!!

Well naturely The Collidge thay sayed No we woont!! Of coarse not!!! Becose jist havving “consurfatives” arownd it wood “be” Vilence aginst Mynaritty Stodents and it wood doo themb reely Bad Emocionel Harm”!! Woops i hased a Typo in thare somwear but now i cant Fynde it! If Hillery she was pressadint insted of Donold Trumpt thare woodnt “be” no Typoes!!!

This gived us a reely good idear So we whent to the Dene and de-manded “that” themb Racist Biggits thay shood “be” Eckspellled!!! thare shoodnt be none “Of” those consurfatives in Collidge anyhow becose it Makes emocianel Harm jist to has themb thare!!! Jist fore themb To Ecksist it “is” Vilence!!!!!! and The Dene he agreeed whith Us and he done it tooo,, rite Affter we toled him we wood key his Car iff he diddnt!!!

So nhow thare isnt No Consurfatives alloud heer At All!! And yiu know watt?? that is ecksackly how yiu Get Socile Jutstus!!! And aslo Divvercity!!! somboddy he sayed themb YAFF Biggits thay was goingto Sue the Collidge so we toled themb that iff thay did We wood give thare Names and Dresses to Antifa and then wood “they” “be” Sorry!!!!!!

‘Are We Flaming Crazy?’ (2016)

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It always starts with people happily marching in the streets.

How come utopia always turns out looking like dystopia? Especially when it’s on a college campus!

Are We Flaming Crazy?

You know libs are just dying to bring Bias Reponse Teams into off-campus American life. Hey, wouldn’t it be great! Hot dog, the least little slip of the tongue can land you in a world of hurt! You couldn’t trust anybody…

You and I aren’t made that way, so we can’t see the attraction in this sort of thing. We aren’t crazy. We aren’t Democrats. The idea of a police state, run by themselves, just turns ’em on: they can’t resist it.

Let them get back into power, ever again, and watch the whole country get turned into a gulag–oops, I meant a college campus. Getting a little hard to tell the difference. A campus is a gulag with lots of late-night parties?

College Just Gets Worse and Worse

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At Rollins College, Florida, they all but beheaded a Christian student for objecting to a Muslim instructor’s assertion, made in front of the class, that the crucifixion of Jesus Christ was a hoax ( ).

Yeah. The Romans were really big on fake crucifixions.

Well, the beheadings won’t come until after the college adopts sharia law; so for the time being, they just suspended the student. Because he disagreed with her claim, the instructor reported him to the “Dean of Safety”–hint: if your college has a Dean of Safety, your college has too much money and too many employees–for the “danger” he was “causing to the campus.”

Danger? Are these people quite all there?

College officials said the student’s remark would “jeopardize the safety and well-being of members of the College community.” I think that answers the question: No, they are not all there.

I wonder what would’ve happened if, instead of speaking out in class, the student had himself gone to the Dean of Safety and accused the instructor of making him feel unsafe. I rather think those jihad wannabes have that effect on a lot of people.

Your tuition dollars at work!

And so we say again, because we must: Parents who love and respect their sons and daughters do not send them to a university to be mal-educated. And I have no idea why they keep on doing it.

(Thanks to Linda for the news tip.)

We Strock a Blow Aginst Hat Speeech!

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Last nihht hear on “the” campace we Had some Exitement wehn we heared thare was somboddy waching a christain Movie in his Dorm room so a bunch of Us we went runnin up thare and It was true!!! We seen he Was waching one of Those hatful Bibel Movies and wuld yiu beleave it? Thare wasnt not one singal Trans Gender chactotor in that damb movie!!!

Wel we wasnt goin to Tollerate such Intollerance not for one minnit, it was Micro Gresion aginst the hole stodent boddy so We beet him “up” and toook al his Stuff to re disturbute to the poor only thare wasnt enuf of it to go aruound so we jist kept It, And thenn the Bias Responts Teem thay come and sentince that bum to Six months of Sensativty Traning and if that dont make his Mind rihgjt he wil Be expeled from The collidge! Ha ha!

Only thing is, that Bum he strugled and wuldnt yiu kno, one of my moth Antenners it got Bent!!! Oh boy that hurted! And so tooday wehn i sitting in my Cage the stopid peple thay is laaghing at me but My prefesser he Sayed to Ingore them and it Is a smale Pryce to pay for Bein a Interllectural! So I gess i got the last laagh on them ha ha!

Wel i got to eeat Lunch now, thay gived me A “nice jucy” pare of jim sox and my Antenner it dont hurt so much wehn i am eeating.

Their Is Too ET’s!!

This moning my freinds had to beet up this guy he was sayin bad things about Sceince! Hear at collidge us interllecturals we dont allou nobody to say nothin bad abuot Sceince!

This stopid guy he was sayin how Can yiu have a Sceintiffic Study of something wehn thare aint nothin to study? He was takling abuot the Grate Sceintiffic Study by the Grate Aurstrallia Natoinal Unavarsity they sayed the Reeson sceintists cant find no Alien Beans is that thay must of All dyed out and we jist missed them and he sayed Ohboy, now thay makin Studies that got no Datta and thay cal theyselfs sceintistes so that is whiy we beet him up! Yiu Cant be sayin stuff lyke that in Collidge! So us Tollerant perssons we got togethher and beet him up for not bean Tollerant.

And anyhow he is Dead Rwong!!! Becose I sees them Alians al the tyme ever sinse thay frist started Shootin Me up ful of Moth hormoans, i just seen a ET this moning rihgjt hear on Campus nere whare they has the Jackalope nests.
Acterally the Alien it was kind of scarey, it had three Eyes and tentracles like a Octerpuss, i seen it rihgjt affter I eat a peace of Rug and my prefesser he sayed Uh-oh “yiu shuldnt of done” that becose it had Carpet Cleener on it. I dunno. it tasted alright but latter i fellt kind of funny.

So the Point is thare reely is Space Alients and i seen them and thay hasnt al dyed out and becume Extinked. Thay is hear Among us now!

University: ‘No Such Thing as Free Speech’

tape over mouth photo: tape-over-mouth tape-over-mouth.jpg

I just told you about Santa Clara University teaching kids to call 911 every time somebody hurts their feelings–but please don’t think such foolishness is confined to California.

Let’s zip across the continent to the opposite coast, to New Jersey–to my own alma mater, Rutgers University.

You know what Rutgers is telling its students? Hey, let’s quote from the student handbook:

“There is no such thing as ‘free’ speech.” Therefore, warns the Office of Student
Affairs, you’d better “think before you speak.” ( )

Hello? Hello? Is anybody home? Did they relocate Rutgers to North Korea, or bring North Korea to Rutgers?

The handbook also exhorts students to “Join activities, programs, courses, and practices that promote diversity”–by enforcing uniformity of thought–“and social justice.”

Bias incidents are forbidden, and here’s how Rutgers defines a bias act:

“Bias Acts Are: Verbal, written, physical, psychological acts–” in other words, any action at all, short of dying, which they haven’t yet figured out how to punish–“that threaten or harm a person or group on the  basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression…” Can I stop now? This goes on for quite a bit longer.

When I went to Rutgers, 1967-71, “dissent” was lauded as an end in itself, “dissenters” placed on pedestals, we were all urged to become dissenters, etc. Of course, what they wanted was for students to oppose the Viet Nam War. If you dissented in favor of the war, that was another story.

Wait’ll the next time these yo-yos call me up to ask for money. “Sorry, but I don’t contribute to silly-bugger institutions that promote Stalinism.” And go ahead, I dare you to stay on the line.