Oh, Boy! Science Finds a Way to Implant False ‘Knowledge’

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Science fiction movies often anticipate real life. Remember this one, from 1990? In which scientists have learned how to fill your brain with memories of things that never happened…

A lot of people know a lot of things that just ain’t so. This has always been true. We devote billions of dollars’ worth of public education to teach people things that aren’t true.

But now scientists–I use the term loosely–at Brown University may have found a way to do this quickly and easily, without having you spend years in a classroom or hundreds of hours watching TV news ( http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3674896/Is-real-life-Inception-Scientists-trick-people-seeing-colours-not-really-there.html ).

“The scientists have discovered a way to implant associations in people’s brains without the subjects being aware of it happening,” reports The Daily Mail.

Isn’t it wonderful? To quote from the news report, “The people taking part [in the experiment] thought they were seeing the color red when looking at black and white stripes, and had no idea this was happening.”

What a boon for our permanent ruling class. Imagine lording it over a whole population that “knows” only what you stuff into their defenseless brains.

Hmm… sounds kind of like college, doesn’t it?

How high will God let these people grow before He cuts them down?

9 comments on “Oh, Boy! Science Finds a Way to Implant False ‘Knowledge’

  1. They’ve been doing this sort of thing for years – it’s called ‘programming’. Interesting that’s the name they chose for television ‘programs’.

    This morning, I read a disturbing article – ever since ‘Dolly’ the cloned sheep, it’s impossible for us – and even for scientists – to tell whether the meat we eat and the milk we drink is real or cloned. Hmmm. . .

  2. Facebook has come up with a plan to ‘read our thoughts’ – but only those we want them to read. LOL!! Really? You can separate those thoughts in our minds that we want to share from those we don’t want to share? WOW! Talk about stranger danger!

    1. I must admit I hadn’t thought of that, but it may not be the worst thing to have no thoughts to intrude upon lol

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