Lesbian Bishop Nixes Cross, Welcomes Islam

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There’s so much bad news to report today, but I’ve decided to cover only this item: Sweden’s first unrepentant lesbian bishop has ordered crosses and other Christian symbols removed from a Stockholm church, and arrows placed to show the direction to Mecca, to accommodate and “welcome” Muslim worshipers whom she calls “angels” ( http://www.breitbart.com/london/2015/10/05/worlds-first-lesbian-bishop-calls-church-remove-crosses-install-muslim-prayer-space/ ).

The church, located in Stockholm’s dockyard district, was built to serve seamen coming off their ships. Apparently the lesbian bishop thinks the church would be better used as some kind of “interfaith,” multi-culti prayer room.

Why cover this story? Because it goes to the heart of what afflicts us in this evil age: a widespread falling-away from Christian faith, abandoning true salvation in Jesus Christ for hip, cool, and altogether useless dollar-store “spirituality” that is no salvation at all.

I think it also shows us why the Stockholm Syndrome–victims coming to identify with those who prey on them–is called the Stockholm Syndrome.

We’ve seen the pattern many times. First, the ordination of women. I used to be in favor of that, but clearly it doesn’t seem to work out as intended. Then, the rejection of God’s moral laws regarding sexual behavior, and the ordination of openly practicing homosexuals and lesbians. And after that, the rejection of Christianity itself and the adoption of some kind of false religion. A few years ago, goddess worship was all the rage in these churches. Now it’s Islam. If they can find anything worse, they’ll take that up, too.

And so the church pisses away its moral authority, gives up its duty to teach the truth, and the society is left to drift this way and that because it has cut its anchor cable.

This is nothing more than stealth atheism, brewed up by Satan.

Logic break: The only way that all religions can be “equally true” is if all of them have a truth value of zero.

That’s what makes this atheism.

7 comments on “Lesbian Bishop Nixes Cross, Welcomes Islam

  1. Maybe she isn’t aware how those “angels” treat homosexuals in the middle-east. Hint, it doesn’t end well.

  2. I have no wish to defend a lesbian “bishop,” I just wanted to point out that she has ordered no such thing, since the seaman’s church is not part of her diocese, but a separate mission. The priests actually working there have rejected the suggestion. So far.

    1. Correction noted, and the error is my fault. My eye somehow skipped over the word “proposed.” You’re right, she has no authority to order this.
      Nevertheless, this is something that she would like to see done, and whether she can actually get it done or not, her intent remains the same.
      I don’t know about Sweden, but here in America, churches in the liberal flatline Protestant denominations have shown themselves only too eager to flatter Islam at every opportunity.
      It is truly disgusting.

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