Flash! Eco-Fascist Prosecutor Backs Down

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The chance to report good news comes along but rarely. I’ll take it when I can get it.

Earlier this year, the Democrat attorney-general of the US Virgin Islands subpoenaed the records of a conservative think tank, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, as part of a nationwide Democrat witch-hunt aimed at “Climate Change Denial,” an opinion which they don’t think you should be allowed to have unless they can jail you for having it.

Just found out that late in May, after the Competitive Enterprise Institute took out full-page ads in major newspapers to tell the whole world what this little creep was up to, the attorney-general has revoked his subpoena ( http://dailysignal.com/2016/05/23/virgin-islands-ag-withdraws-climate-change-subpoena-against-think-tank/ ). CEI still seeks sanctions against him, though, for attempting to use the law and his public office for blatantly political and wildly unconstitutional purposes.

This guy joined with 27 other Democrat AGs, nationwide, to try to criminalize disbelief in Man-Made Global Warming.

Wouldn’t it be just priceless if some of these cupcakes wound up in the big house?

What Beliefs Will We Be Allowed to Have?

Conference organizers concealed the identities of the participants, according to The Telegraph.

While the world was looking elsewhere, a bunch of top judges and lawyers from all over the world got together in London, in a conference funded by (who else?) the U.N., to try figure out a way to make it against the law not to believe in Global Warming ( http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/11924776/QC-calls-for-ruling-to-scotch-claims-that-challenge-consensus-on-global-warming.html ).

Well, actually, what they want to do is somehow to translate the “settled science,” the “scientific consensus,” the “97% of scientists believe that Colgate is an effective decay-preventive dentifrice” ** Oops! got carried away, should be “97% of scientists believe in Global Warming so that makes it true”–all this, they wish to translate into law. “Facts” are to be made laws; and presumably it would then become a criminal offense to dispute the “facts.”

Only liberals have so little confidence in their own opinions that they always seek to have them put over by force. They can’t convince us that their “Climate Change” is anything other than a big, fat scam, so they want to shut us up.

Is this how honest men behave?

Is this how science is to proceed from now on? Whoever has the most force at his disposal, wins the debate–or, better yet, just shuts down the debate?

This trail has been blazed by the “gay marriage” pioneers. Don’t like it? Don’t want to take part in a same-sex “wedding”? Okay–we’ll ruin you financially, turn you and your whole family into public enemies, destroy your livelihood. We don’t bother to try to win the argument! We just crush the opposition.

Hey, folks–enjoy your opinions while you’re still allowed to have ’em.