Loon Kerry: Air Conditioners ‘as Big a Threat as ISIS’

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I usually steer clear of politics on Sunday, but this story I just can’t swallow.

John Kerry, our secretary of state, former presidential candidate, Democrat fat-head, told a bunch of his private jet buddies in Vienna the other day that your air conditioners–not his or theirs–and your refrigerators–not his or theirs–are as great a threat to life as the murdering terrorists of the Islamic State ( http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/07/23/kerry-air-conditioners-as-big-threat-as-isis.html ).

Others have pointed out the sheer inanity of his remarks, but we can look a little deeper into his statement and see how profoundly wicked it is. ISIS kills, tortures, rapes, massacres its victims. For this braying jackass to liken air conditioning and refrigerators to ISIS is insulting to those victims and contemptuous of their suffering.

This man, as a public fool, deserves stripes and ignominy for his foolishness. He deserves to be publicly flogged and then ridden through the city sitting backwards on an ass, with a dunce cap on his head.

Remember, when Election Day comes round–whoever helps, by action or inaction, the Democrats to win, becomes an accomplice to their crimes against the people of America.

9 comments on “Loon Kerry: Air Conditioners ‘as Big a Threat as ISIS’

  1. These asinine elitists should all be in prison rather than holding office. This country has become so dumbed down that people will actually believe this drivel. Of course, it never applies to them – they are the chosen! Look at the VP candidate Hil-liary selected – another crook! Take heed, America. We must all be on our knees! This nation is under Divine judgment.

  2. You said it, Lee and Linda. The judgment is falling like a heavy, dark cloud, and many churches are still holding meetings for entertainment and “love and tolerance” rather than old time preaching that is so offensive to new age and blinded sheep. These seem to me to be hybrid sheep/goat beings who have no idea what God’s truth and commands are, and further more they do not care. Seems that we are at the eleventh hour plus now- time for action (on the knees) of the few sane followers of the Messiah.

    1. Look at that–all she writes is one dinky little three-letter word, “ugh,” and she wins the comment contest! Congratulations, Laura.

  3. I thought the Dums (er, I mean Dems) already went through the A/C, fridge, hairspray killing-the-planet nonsense decades ago. Lamebrain Kerry must be stressed out of his gourd having to come up with something brilliant to say to his globalist pals. Yes, the whole lot of them belong in PRISON.

  4. How many people does he think would die without air conditioners and refrigeration? The only difference between a radical Islamist and a leftist is one will kill you directly, and the other will get you killed indirectly.

    1. You don’t get it–this is to Save the Planet! They want us to get back to at least a 19th century lifestyle, if they can’t get us all the way back to the 12th. While they themselves live in fabulous luxury, of course.

      Kerry needs to spend a few days in the pillory. After his flogging and his donkey-ride through the city, of course.

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