It’s Never Their Fault

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So we’ve all heard by now how thousands of leaked emails prove that the Democrat National Committee cheated joke candidate Bernie Sanders, and arranged for Hillary Clinton to win its presidential nomination. There’s no evidence they contemplated poisoning Sanders.

On my car radio this morning, I heard the “counter-narrative”–I’m pretty sure that means “self-serving lie”–offered by some Democrat bigwig.

The Russians are to blame.

Yep. You shouldn’t be mad at the Democrats for rigging an election. No: you should be mad at Russian hackers for blowing the whistle on them. The hackers are no better than thieves.

I dunno. They stole emails. Hillary stole a presidential nomination.

But we have heard this bizarre excuse before. Remember Climategate? Remember those thousands of leaked emails that showed the “scientists” at the East Anglia U. Climate Change Panel lying and cheating six ways from Sunday, so they could impose their will on us.

And then when it all came out, why, all the official political and nooze media indignation was directed not at the lying, cheating schlubs at East Anglia, but at the hackers! They’re to blame! They’re no better than thieves.

I dunno. They stole emails. The so-called scientists are trying to steal the whole  planet out from under us.

And so, even as the hackers wound up being the bad guys for exposing the “scientists” as scheming frauds, so the Democrats hope to spin this current scandal.

Think about it real, real hard, everybody. Do you really want these people running your country? Really?

12 comments on “It’s Never Their Fault

  1. Next, I’m waiting for the Russians to dump all the emails from Hil-liary’s private server scandal. You know, the one where FBI Director Comey said he wouldn’t recommend indicting her. Rumor has it that Russia has all those emails and is waiting for an opportune moment. Go Russia!

    1. Indeed! I never would have thought I could cheer Russia on, but Vlad knows how to play chess – and our ‘leaders’ have become so corrupt that it seems like the right thing to do – in sort of an odd way. Then again, maybe not so odd, for God uses leaders to correct.

    2. I’m a little uneasy of the relationship Trump has with the Russians. Has anyone asked how deep these ties go? Or why Russia has such a vested interest in electing Trump? In what alternate reality is the Russians ever the good guys? Hillary is terrible and all, I get that. But more and more its looking like a vote from Trump is a vote for Putin.

    3. I completely agree with you, Watchman. We’re in a real pickle. Putin certainly is no friend to the USA, and I do think Trump may be dangerous – but Hil-liary has proven herself to be a traitor. God will do what He will do. Judgment has come to this nation – deservedly so.

    4. You’re quite welcome. I appreciate your measured analysis as well.

    5. 1) Even Putin is better than Obama or Clinton.
      2) Why wouldn’t Putin want the weakest and most incompetent–not to mention “careless”–president running America into the ground?

    6. I think Putin has his own agenda and ambitions. If he favors one candidate over another, it’s only because it works in his own best interests.

  2. And let’s all remember that G. W. Bush ‘looked into Putin’s eyes and saw into his soul’. Hmmm . . .

    A favorite saying of mine has been ‘They’re all in the same bed. They just use different sheets.’

    1. Do you honestly think anyone else in politics, aside from Hillary, would have been as damaging to America as Obama has been? I can’t think of anyone.

    2. Honestly, I think their goal is the same but they have different ideas on how to achieve it.

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