This Is a Truly Stupid Idea: Free College

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Well, it’s getting kind of expensive to get your degree in Gender Studies, etc. So a new poll by YouGov claims about 60% of Americans now support free college tuition for anyone who wants it, paid for out of public money–that is, money that you and I worked for and had sucked out of our paychecks before we ever saw it ( ).

You blocks, you stones, you worse than senseless things… Has anybody bothered to actually think about this?

First, free tuition will push the demand for college sky-high, necessitating a vast expansion of the whole university system (even if most of the freebies only go to community colleges, as our lying politicians assure us will be the case)–more campuses, more buildings, more professors, more administrators, more camp followers, and so on. It will cost infinitely more than the mere (!) $350 billion that Hillary “Careless” Clinton says it’ll cost.

Second, college does not produce a useful product, unless you can figure out a use for millions of whining, thin-skinned, lazy, ignorant, inept bozos with meaningless degrees in silly subjects. For every engineer who comes out of our colleges, we get how many unemployable dingbats?

Third, if everybody has a bachelor’s degree, then that degree has been watered down to the point where it means nothing at all. What do we do then–free tuition till you get your master’s?

Finally, our colleges and universities today are run by a crowd of Mao Tse-tung wannabes, perverts, pillheads, chowderheads, and people who just plain hate America and want to turn it into something else. There are already way too many of our young people in their hands.

If anything, we would be doing our country a big favor if we shrank the university system and had millions of people working and producing something useful instead of sitting in a classroom for five years learning about… well, nothing.

The Democrats are hot to trot with this fiasco.

And only the voters–lots and lots and lots of voters, with nobody staying home or wasting his vote on a third-party nobody–can stop them.

2 comments on “This Is a Truly Stupid Idea: Free College

  1. Want to get rid of high college tuition? Here is how: When September rolls around, DO NOT enroll your brainwashed nincompoops in Advanced Brainwashing 202. I’ll betcha’ my bottom dollar, if colleges and universities threw a Registration Party, and nobody showed up, their outrageous tuition rates would plummet!

    What harm would come to little Johnny or Suzie if they were to work a
    minimum wage job their first year out of high school and come to understand the true value of education? Maybe even they would demand classes more useful than “Gender Studies,” or now more likely to be “The Joys of Progressive Transgenderism.”

    1. I second that, Goldbug. And they might learn the value of a dollar and some life experience without a ‘safe zone’ while they’re at their minimum wage jobs.

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