Big Lizard Makes Nice Pet (Sometimes)

The iguana in this video reminds me of my own iguana who was my pet for 17 years. I always fed him by hand. He had a passion for red foods, like strawberries, watermelon, or tomatoes, and if one was painted in color on the dish he was using, he would try to eat it.

Iguanas are social animals, and if you get one that’s too young to have formed any bad habits, and constantly handle it and interact with it, that iguana will grow up into a nice pet like the one pictured here. Mine was as gentle as a lamb, and almost as large. A baby could have safely played with him.

Warning: Do not treat a full-grown iguana with disrespect. A friend of mine had a very big iguana whom he had not properly socialized: this critter could be mean. And sneaky, too. One day my friend picked him up and stuck his tongue out at him.


Sorry, but I got quite a laugh out of that.

2 comments on “Big Lizard Makes Nice Pet (Sometimes)

  1. Iguanas can be such neat pets. My friend had a 6-foot long iguana – ‘Iggy’ of course – who loved swimming in her bathtub – and also enjoyed her cat cleaning his face 🙂

  2. Rather interesting, and I’m sure lots of people would enjoy one, but they
    really don’t appeal to me. I’ll stick with cats.

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