Is Hillary Too Sick to be President?

This video is a bit long, 16 minutes, but it’s important. Very important.

Here a qualified medical doctor examines the evidence made publicly available and concludes, “Hillary has advanced Parkinson’s Disease,” has had it “since at least 2012,” would be “incapable of handling the daily stresses of the presidency,” and is, in fact, “unfit for any position of responsibility.” This is apart from her moral unfitness for the job. He is talking medical fact.

The situation is unprecedented: a major party knowingly offering us, as a presidential candidate, an individual afflicted with a severe illness that would surely impede her handling of her duties.

Watch. Listen.

And pray.

If this woman winds up in the White House, our country is in big, big trouble.

3 comments on “Is Hillary Too Sick to be President?

  1. This is disturbing, to say the least. It makes me wonder if this is how Obama will get his third term (from behind the scenes). Hil-liary may have symptoms during her upcoming debates with Trump, too, and since he can fluster her, it could be disastrous for her.

    In any case, Our God is in control and His Will will not be thwarted to matter who takes the oval office.

    We need to pray fervently about this.

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