Lefty Frog Calls ‘Biggit-Biggit’

There! Did you hear that? These frogs are definitely saying “Biggit-biggit,” and not “Ribbit-ribbit” as so often described.

We know now that liberals and college students mindlessly imitate a frog’s mating call: Biggit-biggit-biggit. They think the frogs are on their side politically, calling everyone a bigot who doesn’t hop on board the Diversity Express and make his mind right..

It is said there is a species of cricket in southern Laos whose  call sounds eerily like “Racist-racist-racist.” But it’s a much more common pest here than it is there.

2 comments on “Lefty Frog Calls ‘Biggit-Biggit’

  1. Who would ever have believed it! I always thought frogs had better sense than that. I guess sanity has completely flown away.

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