College Rules Gorillas ‘Too Masculine’

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Banned! For being too “masculine” and “not inclusive” enough…

Why do I keep saying that if you actually care about them and don’t want them turned into idiots, you shouldn’t send your sons or daughters to a public university?

Well, an official at the University of Kansas has ruled that gorillas can’t be included in a jungle-themed floor decoration in a dorm because gorillas are…get this… “too masculine” and “not inclusive” enough ( ).

Oh, if only there were transgender gorillas! Or at least some really gay gorillas. Then college kiddies could see a jungle picture with a gorilla in it. But if their eyes should happen to fall upon the image of a, well, regular gorilla–ooh! And without even a trigger warning! We’re gonna need a bigger Safe Space!

I keep thinking these are actually satires that I’m writing, no pack of “educators” could actually be so asinine. But they are, and this is not a satire.

People who care about their sons and daughters shouldn’t send them to the University of Kansas.

Oh, and go ahead, you libs and progs out there–explain to the rest of us why this is such a good thing. If you can.

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  1. You’re right. The “libs and progs out there” “can’t explain to the rest of us why this is such a good thing” – not only because it is NOT a good thing, but also because they can’t fool us with their dissonant ideology. So instead, they resort to attacking the rest of us for not believing them! Ideology has replaced reason. PC has replaced sovereignty. Common Core has replaced cognitive/independent thinking. It’s time we replaced the libs and progs, all of them, with some of US. Activate! Our freedom is like a muscle – use it or lose it. And while we’re on the subject of WHY, we need to bring God back into the equation because without Him, there is no equation.

  2. This is a product of a disease, and I don’t mean mental illness in the conventional sense. Let me explain:

    The small and prosperous city in the northern tier state in which I grew up didn’t have much in the way of racial strife. There were a handful of black families in town and most people accepted them. There were a few troglodytes that referred to them in derogatory terms, but I would venture to say that most of the black people in town were treated with respect most of the time. One day, in about throw grade, my teacher, a very sweet woman, mentioned that “negroes” (which was the term commonly in use at that time) were poorly treated in the south and were forced to use segregated facilities. Almost immediately several of the children in the class shot their hands up and each of them expressed their personal version of a phrase that essentially meant “I’m not prejudiced against black people”. It was like a contest to see which child could come up with the most convincing argument to prove that they were the least prejudiced person in the room.

    No one wants to be open to accusations of prejudice or insensitivity and many people go out of their way to conspicuously applaud tolerance, and understanding towards all. But, much like the Emperor’s New Clothes, no one is willing to take a stand when these efforts cross over from being literal and helpful to being over the top.

    Should a woman give up her bus seat to a man because she’s black and he’s white? Of course not! Should men dominate the human family because they are, on average, larger, and therefore stronger than women? Of course not! Should a picture of a gorilla upset students because it’s too masculine? Give me a break!

    BTW, what if they used a picture of a female gorilla, or are they sexist towards women too? 🙂

    1. Sad, but all too true. Reality has been superseded by perception. It’s all about the optics, the sound bites and whatever else can be packaged in a manner that appears concise but is, actually all gift-wrap but no present. When there is no substance it becomes impossible to think beyond the immediate effects of ones words or actions.

      On the surface, there’s nothing to lose by banning the gorilla but they don’t make the connection between this and free speech. The don’t comprehend it because “free speech” is the province of some great, evil “them” and they write it off as not being relevant to themselves. Ban the gorilla today and it could be your favorite Tennyson poem tomorrow; but they never think that far. They are drunk on their own sense of power and use it with no more sense than the kitten video you posted a few weeks ago wherein a kitten that couldn’t have weighed two pounds has arched its back, fluffed its tail and is bouncing around sideways, stiff legged and trying to look frightening.

      Unfortunately, they are frightening, because they will forfeit anything in order to feel the surge of adrenaline and dopamine that comes from exercising their newfound power. Alexis de Tocqueville’s “tyranny of the masses” has arrived and the masses are acting as if they were on crack.

      Such persons are the extreme product of instant gratification. They will protest the very power plant that lights their home and keeps their food cold. If it occurred to them that it also powers their TV and recharges their smartphone they might actually give it a moment’s thought.

  3. I love all the logical and relevant comments on this one. You folks display a level of patience that unfortunately, I have ceased to exhibit. My first reaction to this insane gorilla business was: Where do they think gorillas came from? Do they not know that it takes a female as well as a male to make little gorillas? Come on, people. Get this idea embedded in your little pea brains: Gorillas have to be both male and female. Got it?

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