I Annalize the Debait

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Ha-ha stopid Lee he had to go outt so i can “get” in “hear” and annalize the Pressadental De-Bait “thay had Last” nihgjt and HILLERY SHE WON SHE WHON SO BIG IT ‘”IS” NOTT EEVEN FUNY!!!!

Acterly i wastnt abel to whatch it “my” moth Antenners thay wher itching Something feerce and i hadd “to” kepe My head stuck in the friezer For “as” long as i culd but annyway HILLERY SHE WON and she din eeven have to Use “all” her Best stuff! Like Free Collidge Tution for Evryboddy in the Uniferse and The Rich thay wil haveto “pay” for it! and Evven beter than “that” “she” wil lissen To us Interllecturals al the time and Doo al “the” things we Advice her to doo!! So if thare is annother de-bait then She “wil” stil have Goood stuff to use. Iff that Darnold Trump he evven Has the “gutts” to show Up affer the beatdown “he” got “last” Nihgjt!!!

And did al yiu Deplorrible peple Knotice “she” diddnt Keel over Not Once The HOLE NIHGHT??? Not Oncet!! Shee “is” in Prefect hellth and jist lyke O”ur” deer Pressdint OBamma he sayes “thare” hasnt nevver been No one whoo More Quillifyed then Hillery for beein Pressdint eccept maybbe Him butt He Is “speccal” becose hes Blackk.

3 comments on “I Annalize the Debait

  1. Super! What an expert opinion from one of our treasured interlekturals.
    Just what you would expect, though from such an one. He does an even better analysis than the nooz media. With people like this coming up, how can we lose?

  2. Too bad, Collidge. Maybe your “antenners” were itching because you hadn’t eaten dinner. A pom-pom off a hat might have decreased the itching dramatically. Then you wouldn’t have had to stick it in the freezer. Hopefully they didn’t get frost-bite.

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