Satire: ‘The Government Can’

I don’t usually post music videos that aren’t hymns, but I’ve made an exception for this brilliant satirical ditty by Tim Hawkins–taking off on the old Sammy Davis Jr. hit, The Candy Man. One of my esteemed colleagues posted this on my chess page, and I’ve just gotta share it!

3 comments on “Satire: ‘The Government Can’

  1. Wow! If you wait long enough, everything becomes useful.

    The song was written for Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, a children’s movie that I’ve continued to enjoy and will probably still enjoy in my second childhood. (Which should be starting about . . . NOW!) 🙂
    Sammy Davis recorded that song not particularly liking it. He is said to have thought it too saccharine, although I would argue that it was too sugary.

    History notwithstanding, the song has hit its stride and its purpose in the Universe is now much expanded far beyond whatever could have been imagined in the past; but then again, government has expanded far beyond anything that was ever imagined in the past. The most amazing part is that I sang along with the song the first time I heard it and missed nary a word. The lyrics all but wrote themselves. All you had to do was remember the original song, tell the truth and make it rhyme.

    Lee, you should have Joe Collidge take a look at this, It’s the most effective recycling project in all of history. 🙂

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