They Came for This Pastor’s Sermons

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A Georgia pastor is suing the state for religious discrimination, after he was fired from his government position when other creatures in the government reviewed his sermons and discovered the pastor agreed with God’s word that homosexual acting-out is a sin ( ).

Since he’s sued them, now the state wants all his sermons and all his sermon notes, going back to when he was 18 years old. Having learned from his earlier experience, the pastor has refused to comply.

Dr. Eric Walsh, a 7th Day Adventist pastor, was hired as a district health director by the Georgia Dept. of Public Health. When the hiring committee asked for copies of his sermons, the pastor complied: obviously a mistake, because two days after the committee reviewed them, they fired him.

The current government “request” for all his sermons is tantamount to a subpoena, Fox News has reported.

No law has been enacted, declaring that adherence to Biblical views on sexual morality disqualifies you, forever, from holding any kind of public service post. Nevertheless, complaints by organized sodomy have the force of law, these days.

Those who believe we can just keep on letting liberals run the country, until someday the righteous candidate comes along, whom we can vote for with a clear conscience, please consider the news report above.

I don’t see any virtue in handing over the country to the ungodly and the wicked. To our great shame, we have already done so, to a degree–but not yet to the last degree. Nor do I see any virtue in courting persecution by empowering Christ’s enemies, when we still have the ability, albeit fading fast, to deny them supreme power in the land, and ownership of all our public institutions.

As I see it, God entrusted us with a country that He has singularly blessed; and rather than be good stewards of it, we have permitted it to be stolen out of our hands.

Is there any doubt that the power establishment in America is out to disable Christians in America once and for all? Toward no other religion do they show such animosity.

When David first saw Goliath, he said, “[W]ho is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the living God?” (I Samuel 17:26)

Isn’t it about time we stopped knuckling under to the Philistines?

6 comments on “They Came for This Pastor’s Sermons

  1. Steve Deace refers to it as pagan authoritarianism. They tried something similar in Houston, whose mayor was a lesbian, but the pastors banded together and smacked her down. The same thing needs to happen in Georgia, a threefold cord is not easily broken. It doesn’t matter if he’s an Adventist, as the poem goes “Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

    1. Yes, I remember that Houston case–the mayor got flack from all over the country, and had to back down.
      Make no mistake, anybody–the statists of today, like the Romans of 2,000 years ago, will not tolerate any king but Caesar. They haven’t changed at all.
      That’s why they have to be smacked down in every single election from now on. And that has already begun to happen in several countries around the world.

  2. Nullification by the State – do not comply. Satan will not stop inbreeding his philistines until the End.

  3. You got it, Marlene. We do not have to buckle under to anyone. IF we
    stay firmly in the Lord’s kingdom. These are little worms who need to be
    put in their place NOW.

  4. We were told to expect persecution, and here it is. Fortunately, matter have improved a bit since this happened, but were far from in the clear.

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