Can They Turn the Internet Against Us?

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President *Batteries Not Included just couldn’t wait to give up America’s practical control of the Internet; and on Sept. 30, that’s exactly what he did, when he permitted the agreement to expire between the United States and the non-profit organization that administers the Internet, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

ICANN is in limbo, but won’t be for long: the United Nations Dictators Club is champing at the bit to take it over ( ).

Why would the UN want to take over the Internet?

Because statist secular humanists believe that “a world run by science and technology is better than any other form of governance.”

Professing themselves to be wise, they become fools.

Yo, Sunshine! You want a world run by science and technology? Well, who will run the science and technology?

The same bunch who run things today–fools, thieves, liars, murderers, and hypocrites: sinners all.

And your idea is so worn-out, so long discredited, so stale, so old! It was past its sell-by date when Plato trotted it out for his Republic: government by the experts, the wise, the smartest people in the world, rule by philosopher-kings. And then you get the philosopher-king and its turns out to be just another dunderhead or psychopath–like Nero, Stalin, Mao Tse-tung, or the cabal of thieves hanging out at the UN these days. I mean, this was crapola when Woodrow Wilson spouted it, and it has not improved with age.

But this is where your theology always leads you, once you discard belief in Original Sin and reliance on God’s sovereign grace.

Let this be our battle cry in years to come: We have a greater King than Caesar! And all powers of the earth shall be put under Him, and He shall reign forever and ever.

But you won’t.

[Thanks to Linda for the news tip.]

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  1. Pres “Batteries Not Included” – love it. This is endtime. Globalist (singular) internet will give the anti-Christ what ‘it’ needs for “all the world to see.” The predictions of the ancient prophets are falling into place. Gog is aligned with persia and the “king of the east” is rising. Woe to Israel – I didn’t want to be around for that! And America is declining rapidly. Will America still be around as a third world country? In any event, after November 8, I will be busy keeping my lamp filled with oil…

  2. I’m with you, Marlene. We do not want to be among the five foolish…
    No matter what the world around us does, we have no ruler except the
    Bridegroom who is coming.

  3. Here’s a video worth watching (free to watch on amazon). It’s just under an hour long.

    After reading the above article (the subject of this post), and watching this video – and then reading this article: – we pretty much have the picture. These globalists – elitists – Satanists – are so wicked and evil.

    Come, Lord Jesus!

    1. Linda, you know I don’t believe in any plot to depopulate the earth. Who would they have left to pick on, if they did that? A dictator simply can’t have any fun without masses of people to abuse.

      Even globalists are not stupid enough to be a parasite that kills the host… are they?

    2. Resources – that’s their claim. Not enough to go around. They intend to leave enough peons around to serve their needs. I don’t discount any evil scheme Satan and his minions might devise. The dumbing down and secularizing of our society has been accomplished. Sheep to the slaughter. Wouldn’t it please the evil one if he could slaughter as many as possible before they are saved?

    3. I wouldn’t trust these fools to organize a softball tournament–much less a sweeping plan to bump off several million people.
      Let’s not give Satan more credit than we give to God.

    4. That’s the thing; it comes down to God’s word against the adversary’s word. God says to fill the earth, Satan says there isn’t enough . . . room, oxygen, food, souname it. Satan is wrong, but now they want to make it illegal to disagree. We’re dealing with some very unsavory people.

    5. God is allowing Satan to do his part in fulfilling His plan. This NWO globalist agenda has been at play since Babylon – and it is infecting all sectors – banking, economy, climate, population, education, religion – the four hidden dynasties: government, religion, economy, education, and the fifth, the press. They are all working in conjunction to do what Satan has been attempting since the Garden of Eden. God has the final word but He did warn us to WATCH!

    6. I believe that Satan wants to depopulate the earth. His lackeys follow him anywhere, never thinking about the fact that they are working to implement their own doom.

      Think of the trends prevalent in today’s political thought. Global warming, and the solution is to reduce the population. Abortion, which is a very direct way of reducing the population. If God’s purpose is to have the earth filled then Satan is working against that purpose.

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