Hillery She wil Win Any How So Thare!

I am so mad at them Weezils in the Justace Deptt. i culd jist Jump “up and” downe and Screem!! becose thay tryin to stopp Hillery “from” bein Pressadint!

Nowe thay al Saying she “is” No Good becose ten Thousend or 20 Thousend of her oficile Emails the f b i fowned them on Antony Weaners laptop along With “some” nakked pitcures of His self witch he sent “to” some stopid teenager girl… wel Whoo else “was” he Suposed to send them to??? And hear at Collidge al us Interllecturals wee are Furyose!!! Dont Antony Weaner Have a Human Rihgjt to send nakked pitcures To “any body” he wants??? My prefesser he sayed It suonds Like Homo Phobbia to him!!!

Wee dont know “why” the f b i Is picking on Hillery but Boy Are thay goin to be in Trubble, trubble, trubble!  wehn she wins!!! Evry boddy witch diddnt Vote “for Her” thay are goin to Reely “get” it yiu wil seee! and jist “in” case, weee know this guy “in” the Demmocrat Comitty he can fixx It “so” wee all can Vote 3 or 4 (fore!) Times eech!! al We got too “do” is we Line “up” behined some Dead peple and some Ileagle Alients and wee al Get “on” a Bus and we go from One voting Place “to” annother untill We run “out of” places!

So she Is “goin to” win any How, It is “in” The Bag and Then yiu are goin To see a lott of No Good Skuncks jist dissapear, we Are drawing Up “a” list Of peple whoo shuld be Dissapeared, yiu jist Weight and “see”!!

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