The Incredible Walking Worm

Hi, Mr. Nature here! Allow me to introduce you to Peripatus, a neat little critter which I call “the walking worm.” It’s sort of like an earthworm, sort of like a caterpillar, but not really like either one. I would like to have some in an aquarium but Mrs. Nature won’t let me.

These walking worms live in warm climates around the world, mostly in the Southern Hemisphere. They eat small insects, which they capture by spraying stuff at them which hardens on contact, immobilizing the prey. These animals would be great for law enforcement if they were the size of German shepherds. You’d just have to train them not to eat the suspects.

I can’t help thinking God must have smiled when He created these. I’m sure I would’ve.

6 comments on “The Incredible Walking Worm

  1. Very interesting to say the least. When I was a kid, I would have loved to
    watch some of these critters.

    1. Yeah, it seems they’ve had an awful lot of time to evolve in climate scientists or collidge students, and yet somehow they’re still walking worms.

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