Last Call: Stop Hillary

This is the last I mean to write about this presidential election. Please consider these points.

*Are you really okay with the prospect of an out-and-out criminal occupying the highest office in the land? Do you want the legacy of the United States in history to be the slogan, “Crime really does pay, big-time!”

*All the villains in America are lined up solidly for Hillary–big government, big banks, lying nooze media, potty-mouthed celebrities, Black Lives Matter, George Soros, the country club Republicans aka “those weasels in Congress,” illegal aliens, the open borders mob, and even Miley Cyrus. That means they’re lined up against Trump. Does that not sort of tell you something? If they’re all against Trump, shouldn’t you be for him?

*Should the White Witch win the White House, one thing we can be dead sure of is that she will not stop committing crimes. And if you didn’t vote at all, or wasted your vote on a third-party candidate, or even voted for her, you have made yourself an accomplice in her further crimes.

*If Donald Trump still alarms you, please consider this: if he wins, it’ll be all he can do just to stay in office for four years. You’re gonna see checks and balances trotted out against him like you never dreamed existed. I’ll be surprised if they even confirm any of his cabinet picks. And if he tries to use executive orders like President *Batteries Not Included used them, he’ll be impeached.

*Stopping Hillary is now. Whatever we have to do with Donald Trump, that will be later. You have to take care of now before you deal with later.

Asinine headlines to the contrary, I do not believe that Trump is “the only one who can save America.” God is the only one who can save America. But I can’t believe He wants us to just sit around wringing our hands because we don’t have a Righteous Candidate to vote for.

Trust in God, pray continually, and stop Hillary Clinton by the only way that’s lawful for us: vote for Donald Trump.

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