Dogs Object to Being Therapy for Democrats

Woofty MacTavish’s entire public statement

Democrat staffers, despondent and, like, totally bent out of shape over Hillary “Careless” Clinton’s non-election t’other day, have taken to bringing “therapy dogs” up to Capitol Hill to console them ( ).

But a spokesdog for the Canine Anti-Defamation League says dogs object to being “drafted into another Democrat sob story.” What he literally said was something like “Woof, woof! Arf! Huff-puff-puff, grrrr,” so we have had to use a translator.

Woofty MacTavish, assistant director of CADL and an Irish setter of some repute, said, “Our job is to make sad people feel not so sad, period. We do not inquire into why they’re sad. We especially don’t inquire into their politics. All we do is try to make them feel better. Period. Do you think we care that that revolting evil woman didn’t get elected president? Come on!  Even a cat wouldn’t vote for Clinton!”

A spokescat for the Feline Anti-Defamation League said, through an interpreter, that “MacTavish is gonna find something nasty in his water dish today.”

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  1. LOL. Liberals are having their psychotic episodes for all of us to see, proving that the rest of us, including our dogs, certainly made the right decision – thank GOD.

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