Rutgers Prof Carted Off for Saying He Wants to Kill White People

Let’s learn to enjoy the sound of liberals indulging in hysteria. It’s a sound that says we’ve won.

Last week a professor of Gender Studies (what else?) at Rutgers University was hauled off to a psychiatric hospital by campus police after students complained about his lurid threats to murder white people–because, of course, he was so upset that Donald Trump had been elected president ( ). He made the threats on Twitter; I am unable to confirm reports that he also made them orally in one of his lectures.

The idiot himself is white, by the way.

Ah, Rutgers! Ah, my alma mater! Boy, oh, boy, wait’ll the next time you guys call me up and ask for money! Go ahead, make my day.

I would ordinarily sympathize with students who see their tuition dollars going up in smoke, in the form of this jackass’s salary: but if you’re going to major in Gender Studies, what else can you expect? Right off the bat, your degree is total bull****. Oh–and he also teaches a course on “Beyonce.” Plenty of quality eddication goin’ on out there!

Parents who love and respect their sons and daughters don’t send them to places like Rutgers University.

PS–Would you believe it? The nutty professor is whining that his freedom of speech has been trampled on. Where in the world did he ever hear that there was freedom of speech at dear old collidge? Does he not know that the Rutgers Student Handbook comes right out and says there’s no such thing as free speech? Guess he can’t swallow a dose of his own medicine.

7 comments on “Rutgers Prof Carted Off for Saying He Wants to Kill White People

  1. I just can’t imagine how Pop artists can be thought of as serious academic subject matter. I could understand studying the Beatles, Zep’ or some other band as a part of a music course, but not as a subject unto itself.

    1. Agreed 100% The value of a degree has been so badly diluted at this point that it’s all but impossible to know if a person’s degree is an advantage or a disadvantage in their field.

  2. The old phrase of “going postal” should be updated to “going academic”. The universities know how to create some real nutcases.

  3. What a shame; the down hill slide into … words fail me…whatever it is…
    well, obviously, it is satan’s agenda.

    1. It just occurred to me tonight that what we are seeing around us could be Christ separating the wicked from the good. The Godless around us are becoming ever more extreme and showing their true motivations.

    2. This extremism was there all the time. But now it’s hard for them to conceal it because of their anger toward the electorate for rejecting them. Nothing, but nothing, stings a liberal like a refusal to bow to his superiority.

      The fact that his superiority is totally spurious just doesn’t register.

      Liberalism is a way for a dummy to think he’s smart.

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