‘Where Do the Nutty Professors Come From?’ (2016)

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Do you ever wonder why it seems that colleges and looniversities are staffed by kooks and wackos–and then realize that’s because they’re staffed by kooks and wackos? How are they able to find so many nuts?

Where Do the Nutty Professors Come From?

I have been told by a most authoritative source: they seek them out. That’s right–they want highly disturbed individuals to do the teaching. Why? With that I can’t help you.

It really has gotten to the point that the colleges and looniversities constitute a threat to the survival of our republic. They must be defunded. Now.

Prof Shoots Self ‘to Protest’

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Fill in the blank and win a prize! “I send my children to college to be educated by idiots and wackos because __________.”

A 69-year-old sociology professor at the College of Southern Nevada recently went into a university bathroom, pulled a gun, and shot himself in the arm (https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/trump-protest-professor-shoot-himself-college-university-southern-nevada-california-mark-bird-a8542771.html). He did this “to protest Trump.” Good heavens… he shot himself for Hillary? He’s crazier than I thought.

Uh, perfesser, what was supposed to happen after you shot yourself? The president resigns because he doesn’t what you to shoot yourself in the other arm? We keep holding the election over and over again until your side wins? How did you expect to influence current events, or change history, by doing this? I mean, really, what was the flaming point of shooting yourself in the arm? (Please don’t tell me he aimed at his head and missed!)

And for all the public money we pour into the colleges, we must be almost as crazy as he is.

So Noah Had a Cell Phone?

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I wonder if this science is settled.

A professor in the Marine Sciences faculty at Istanbul University recently appeared on Turkish public television and asserted, in a lecture, that Noah and his family “must have had mobile phones” on the Ark–which, by the way, he said was made of steel, not gopher wood, and nuclear-powered (http://www.wnd.com/2018/01/noah-had-a-cell-phone-during-bible-flood-prof-claims/). Just in case you were wondering if only Western scientists are daft.

The prof surmised that the technology of the antediluvian world was quite advanced.

Well, okay, we can reasonably speculate that “civilization” is much older than we thought and it might have been more advanced than we ever thought, too. It has been discovered, for instance, that writing was probably invented one or two thousand years earlier than we believed. But cell phones? Cell phones that still worked during the greatest disaster ever experienced by the human race? I wonder what Noah’s family watched on TV while waiting for the waters of the Flood to subside.

But this is how it starts, when “science” gets all woozy.

And once it gets in bed with politics, as it is in our neck of the woods–watch out.


Rutgers Prof Carted Off for Saying He Wants to Kill White People

Let’s learn to enjoy the sound of liberals indulging in hysteria. It’s a sound that says we’ve won.

Last week a professor of Gender Studies (what else?) at Rutgers University was hauled off to a psychiatric hospital by campus police after students complained about his lurid threats to murder white people–because, of course, he was so upset that Donald Trump had been elected president ( http://newsnx.com/2016/11/19/white-rutgers-prof-given-a-psych-eval-after-threatening-to.html ). He made the threats on Twitter; I am unable to confirm reports that he also made them orally in one of his lectures.

The idiot himself is white, by the way.

Ah, Rutgers! Ah, my alma mater! Boy, oh, boy, wait’ll the next time you guys call me up and ask for money! Go ahead, make my day.

I would ordinarily sympathize with students who see their tuition dollars going up in smoke, in the form of this jackass’s salary: but if you’re going to major in Gender Studies, what else can you expect? Right off the bat, your degree is total bull****. Oh–and he also teaches a course on “Beyonce.” Plenty of quality eddication goin’ on out there!

Parents who love and respect their sons and daughters don’t send them to places like Rutgers University.

PS–Would you believe it? The nutty professor is whining that his freedom of speech has been trampled on. Where in the world did he ever hear that there was freedom of speech at dear old collidge? Does he not know that the Rutgers Student Handbook comes right out and says there’s no such thing as free speech? Guess he can’t swallow a dose of his own medicine.

Where Do the Nutty Professors Come From?

It would be easy to get the impression that our colleges and universities are staffed by wackos. In fact, it would be very hard to get any other impression.

Where do they find these kooks?

A Christian friend of mine, a professor of the history of science, by some inexplicable quirk of fate some years ago, found himself on the hiring committee of a community college in his home state of Massachusetts.

“It’s simple,” he explained. “Whenever there’s a choice of whom to hire, they hire the applicant who has the biggest personal issues. So, for instance, if they have to choose between a homosexual and a homosexual who is also a drug addict, they’ll always hire the gay drug addict. I’ve seen them do it again and again.”

Heck, they’d hire a serial murderer if they could get one. Although they’d prefer a serial murderer who was also a Marxist and an alcoholic.

Needless to say, my friend was soon forced into early retirement, being ideologically unsuitable.

I wonder what kind of nut they picked to take his place.