Did the Queen Say Obama Won’t Leave Office?

Speaking of fake news, here we have the Konspiracy Krowd asserting that Queen Elizabeth II, “a satanic and evil woman”–gee, I thought that was Hillary Clinton–has said President *Batteries Not Included will not leave office when his term is up: but, instead, will do something “horrific” to prevent Christmas and keep himself in power beyond his sell-by date.

Yes, they’re still getting good mileage out of a “lost video” from last year, in which the Queen allegedly said that Christmas 2015 will be the last Christmas ever, and allegedly confess that she had Princess Diana killed because “she knew too much,” yatta-yatta, and there’s no proof because the original video has been pulled–

My head hurts.

Crikey, what’re they gonna say about Prince Charles when he becomes king? He couldn’t successfully conspire to take candy from a baby. But you watch–he will instantly be transformed into a real-life Dr. Fu Manchu. Or at least Professor Moriarty.


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