They’re at It Again–the Libs’ War on Christmas

They still don’t have a clue why they lost the presidency, both houses of Congress, 14 governorships, and a big bunch of state legislatures.

Well, a major reason is stuff like this.

The Hillsboro, Oregon, school district recently banned “all religious-themed [Christmas] decorations, including Santa Claus,” who, last time I looked, is not actually in the Bible ( ).

Why? You can’t have Christmas because you gotta bow to the “diverse perspectives and beliefs of our community.” The two atheists and three Moslems get respect, but a thousand Christians don’t.

Although we do have to be careful here, because liberals just love to blame Muslims for their desire and decision to ban Christmas: they’ve done it before and they’ll do it again. They hear one atheist grumble, and that’s all they need.

Naturally when this high-handed and fat-headed decision was announced, there was a social media firestorm as normal people recoiled in disgust, so naturally the “educators” backed down a bit and said they’d only be “policing” classroom Christmas decorations if they were “over the top”?

Over the top? What does that mean? Why don’t they tell us precisely what that means?

Well, enjoy it, pipsqueaks, while you’ve still got it. Your days of pushing us around are coming to an end. If President Trump doesn’t smack you down, the American people will find someone who will.

2 comments on “They’re at It Again–the Libs’ War on Christmas

    1. It’s just like Climate Change and all the rest of it: they’re doing it for our good and we should thank them for it, but we’re just too stupid and ungrateful to appreciate their wisdom.

      The whole heart and soul of the Trump movement is pushback: it doesn’t have that much to do with Donald Trump.

      I do think the world is waking up.

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