Memory Lane: Sky King

Remember this TV classic? Sky King, starring Kirby Grant, was one of the earliest TV Western hits, running from 1951-1954. They brought it back in syndication in 1959, which was when I saw it.

Sky King was billed as “America’s favorite flying cowboy.” Was there a lot of competition for that title? Anyhow, it was great fun, watching him chase down the bad guys in his airplane.

Ignore the earnest young woman trying to pass herself off as Peter Pan. Hey, a job is a job, right?

3 comments on “Memory Lane: Sky King

  1. I actually do remember that show. My sons were too young at the time, but someone in the family must have liked it.

  2. What a great concept; – good guy cowboy using an airplane the way cowboys used steeds in generations past. I think I may have seen some reruns, circa fifty years ago. Postwar prosperity was such that the notion of someone jumping into an airplane as casually as if it were a car, seemed plausible. Those were the days.

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