You Won’t Believe This–‘Fornicaid’?

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Looks like there just ain’t nothin’ Big Government can’t do, eh?

The German Green Party (“There’s no problem in the world a candle-light vigil can’t solve!”) has proposed legislation to provide “free prostitutes for disabled and elderly” persons ( ). The ho’s–oops, we’re supposed to call them “sex workers”–are to “provide sexual relief” to those who aren’t getting any.

How could they have forgotten to include this in Obamacare?

They tried to sneak this in, a few years ago, in Britain, but had to stop because of public protest. Some selfish persons actually resented their tax dollars being used to treat others to tricks. Kind of puts a new spin on the phrase “Trick or treat.”  In the Netherlands, a date with a hooker is “a deductible medical expense.”

(All right, you guys! Where’s the hidden camera?)

By the time secular humanists are done with us–presuming they get their way, and God doesn’t smite them–we’ll be reduced to transgendered, bug-eating, Play Doh-kneading, unemployable, whore-using, euthanized at the government’s earliest convenience, safe space-craving, whining, sniveling ding-dongs. Which is, I think, exactly where the Soroses and Kerrys of this world want us.

Still wondering why I posted Onward, Christian Soldiers earlier today?

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  1. The immorality of this world is going off scale. The antibiotic age and birth control have given people a sense of sexual freedom that goes far beyond scriptural morality. But things are changing fast. The bacterial STDs are becoming much more resistant to antibiotics. Somehow, I expect that we will soon see people reaping as they’ve sown.

    In the meantime, the lawless become ever more bold. Prostitution has been a fact of life for most of human history, but it’s never been beneficial and certainly should not be publicly funded.

    Years ago, perhaps in the early ’80s, I read a science fiction novel about an Air Force of astronauts in the near future. The book portrayed a sexually ammoral society where casual sex was the rule, not the exception. I didn’t care for it at the time I read the book, but from my current perspective it is truly a repugnant thought. It is truly dehumanizing. Just look around and see the sexual addictions that grow more common every day. We break God’s rules at our own peril.

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