Lib Church Won’t Pray for Trump by Name (They Think He’s Gonna Kill ‘Em)

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Never let it be said our friends on the Left aren’t drama queens. In fact, it’s at the core of their being–oh, they take themselves so seriously! And that goes for liberal mainline/flatline churches, too.

All Saints Church in Pasadena (where else?) has announced that its drama-loving clergy won’t pray for President-elect Donald Trump by name anymore, because just his very name is “literally a trauma trigger” ( ). In fact, they think Donald Trump wants to kill them: “he represents an active danger to health and safety.”

They’ll still pray for a generic “president,” but not that mean old homophobic Donald Trump. Actually, Trump has not devoted any attention to opposing the march of sodomy–but then he’s also a racist and a biggit, don’t you know.  Everyone the libs don’t like is a racist and a biggit.

Do these liberal churches worship God or man? When they need to pray, do they just look at a mirror?

Stay tuned for Exhibit B, coming right up.

4 comments on “Lib Church Won’t Pray for Trump by Name (They Think He’s Gonna Kill ‘Em)

  1. They have resorted to just psychological homilies, pleasant sounding words to tickle the ears of the listeners, put them in a generous mood (the plate is about to be passed) and sign in to universalism; avoiding the truth of Scripture. They cannot endure the Scripture that says “Jacob, He loved, but Esau, He hated.” Makes them cringe. In the last days, says Paul, people will no longer endure sound doctrine….

    1. Well stated. We are seeing something that strikes me as unique. Dialogue is no longer in the picture. There’s no reasoning, no attempt at persuasion; there’s only a complete shunning of views that don’t agree with the liberal viewpoint.

      I always thought that the madness of the sixties was an extreme example of unreasonable behavior, but that’s a cakewalk compared to what has arisen in just the last few years. Arisen and growing exponentially.

      Fortunately, it’s gone far enough that some people are awakening to reality, but there’s still a substantial block of people insisting that the PC answer is the only way to go. God help us all.

  2. Indeed. The anti-Messiah will have just the answers they are look for, replete with “signs and wonders”. I am very concerned for my younger generation and am trying to alert them.

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