Lib Clergy Bless Abortion Clinic

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I don’t know how I missed this story in October, 2015. It should have sounded an exceedingly loud alarm for the spiritual welfare of America’s churches.

A bunch of Methodist and Episcopal “clergy”–I use the term loosely–gathered at an abortion center in Cleveland to bless the place ( ). They were members of the “Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice,” that is, abortion. They think it’s nice. The president of the group is a sodomite “married” to another man. The rest are ministerettes. If you didn’t see the news photo, you would still know exactly what they looked like.

Has the church in America lost its way? The mainline/flatline church sure has.

They’re gonna need a bigger Hell.

6 comments on “Lib Clergy Bless Abortion Clinic

  1. These pathetic souls are certainly not ministers of the “Gospel”, but are servants of satan. It is getting harder and harder to find a church that
    believes in sola Scriptura. They all have their little “stories” that create God in their image instead of the other way around. As you say, hell will have to be enlarged when all is said and done. It is appalling to see such heresy in the holy name of our God.

  2. The upper echelons of these mainstream churches have a lot for which to answer. If their clergy are living by standards that are not biblical; perhaps such persons should not be recognized as pastors.

  3. They shouldn’t for sure. i am reading a book which explains how Masonry
    is actually behind most of this garbage, and is the origin of all the cults.
    No wonder we are in such a mess. Goes clear back to Nimrod and Babylon.

  4. I’d love to know more about that book.

    I’m being drawn to the conclusion that the problems of today are manifestations of some very old disputes that have never been settled. History leads us down a very long path, because no event happens in a vacuum. For instance, I f you want to understand WW II you must understand WW I, but that leads you back into the conditions that preceded WW I.

    With the issues that we are discussing here, as you say, the roots go back to Nimrod and Babylon. The issue, the only issue, is whether or not we acknowledge the One True, Living, God. It’s that simple. From day one of the human race, it was made clear that we do not possess the ability to set the standards of right and wrong. Only God can do this.

    People are short sighted. Providing an abortion for a pregnant teen might seem compassionate on a superficial level, but there are much deeper questions and eventually comes down to the power of human life or death. I don’t want to assume that power over anyone and I would not want to be in the shoes of anyone that has.

    If you asked the average person who was the worst person in history, most would say Hitler. Hitler was responsible for the deaths of about six million holocost victims (and actually many more war victims) and is the very definition of notoriety. Abortion, in the U.S. has killed nearly ten times that many humans and these were victims with no hope of escape or ability to defend themselves. Where’s the outrage?

  5. About the book: It is titled En Route to Global Occupation, by Gary Kah.
    I had heard him speak and was convinced that he knows what he is talking about. I have read and studied much on this subject, and this book is one of the best, if not the best I have read. He formerly was a high ranking government liaison. The book is available on Amazon.

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