What’ll We Do With Millenials?

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We have a gigantic social problem looming over our country.

What are we to do with millenials?

Recent college graduates, tens of thousands of them, with their whole lives yet to live–can’t hold jobs, can’t tolerate even the most trivial adversity, saturated with an ideology that is opposed to everything America stands for, unable to relate to people as individuals but only as representatives of this or that group, guaranteed and certified 100% useless–what in the world are we supposed to do with them?

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy the company of teens and tweens, provided they haven’t been turned upside-down and inside-out by our culture and our schools. I wish I had more of you guys visiting this blog, to pep it up a little.

No, I’m talking about young people with degrees in Gender Studies and Social Justice, burdened by a load of student debt, who go stampeding for the Play-Doh and the Safe Space at the first little hitch in life that comes along, who want a participation trophy just for breathing. You can’t talk to them without triggering a trauma. And if you can imagine them trying to bring up children of their own, you have a more vivid imagination than I do.

So what are we supposed to do with them? They won’t be able to support themselves. Imagine hiring Joe Collidge to do anything more complex than sweep the floor.

I wish I knew the answer to that question.

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  1. I don’t think that there is an answer.

    Think of it like this, if someone purposely disfigured themselves, what is the solution? There is no solution; they’ve brought it upon themselves.

    The millemials have been duped; no question about that. However, they Have the same responsibilities as anyone else and have to make their way. Sadly, they are emotionally disfigured and many will have a tough go of life.

    Some may outgrow it, although that will require changing their entire social matrix, lest they be dragged back into old patterns of thought and behavior.

    Others may never move on and remain in a perpetual state of dependency. For the time being, there is a huge social safety net sustaining these people. As long as that is in place they’ll remain relatively harmless. If the economy shifts and no longer funds a welfare state . . . I would imagine food riots and unrest. Here’s the real tragedy; the most highly indoctrinated among them may have so much damage to their survival instinct that they won’t be able to fend for themselves, with tragic and predictable results.

    I encounter a lot of millennials in the course of my day’s business and I’m always amazed by the attitude of entitlement they display. If something goes wrong, they will refuse to take responsibility, but if someone else drops the ball they will pounce on that person as if their mistake was a war crime. I pity the young and I’m glad that I won’t have to live to see where this ends up in another generation’s timespan.

    Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

    1. Sounds like a plan. Most of these millenials couldn’t count to fifty with some time-outs, some safe spaces and some, Pla-Doh recreation time.

  2. I suggest we throw all corrupt bureaucrats into the toilet and elect only moral, ethical people who will represent us, NOT lead us. This would be the beginning of hope for the millennials to replace their despair, confusion, fear and terror of having the world’s problems placed on their shoulders before their shoulders were wide enough. Their diet of false narratives, overt lies and contradictory fake news, false teaching, and hate-filled stories coming from BOTH sides have been toxic for a long time. I feel sorry for them because, for sure, they ARE the victims. The church, their parents, their teachers and even the police have “done them wrong” and are responsible for this sad state of cognitive dissonance and liberal ideology they now suffer from. I am not excusing them; I’m explaining them. Almost everyone over 30 is responsible for the dangerous condition that afflicts these millennials. THIS is the world we are leaving to them. WE need to change it.

    1. I agree. They are the product of their forebears, and many of them have been living in conflict and confusion. The liberals have collapsed into a heap of false promises, but the nominal conservatives are little, if any, better.

      Sadly, many of the churches have turned their back on scripture and now dispense pop-culture friendly, politically-correct drivel. Theologians have spent their time arguing about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, instead of helping people to accept the word of God for what it is.

      Schools: don’t get me started. I’m with Lee on this, if you care about your kids keep them out of the public school system.

      The police can only recruit from the raw material of society, so they are mired in the problems Tomas great of an extent as any other entity.

    2. Thank you for your reply. Well said. The police take their orders from the Police Chief who takes his orders from the Police Commissioner who takes his orders from the mayor – it all goes back to the elected. People have only begun to wake up and what they are finding is the sincere desire to remove their kids, whom they love, from public school, but the means to do so is still too far from them, I’m more upset that parents aren’t demonstrating in front of these illegal, unconstitutional government-controlled indoctrination centers every time a child is abused, mentally, psychologically, spiritually and physically. There are too many robotic “order followers” in the police departments. Even their recruitment system picks those who show an aptitude for compliance over those who might not. It does not mean that good people aren’t trying to become cops. Things really are black and white. Gray areas are the excuses people use as spider webs to catch those who can’t see the difference or straddle both sides.

      Unfortunately, if ted cruz, the other establishment globalists and the UN have their way and if we do nothing, private schools, homeschools and christian schools will soon be subjected to the same common core curriculum and harmful liberal policies as the government schools. Huit clos…is NOT an option.

    3. That scares me, more than a little. There are plenty of good, sincere teachers out there, but they have to follow the guidance of the school boards, administration, etc. the whole thing is so corrupt as to be laughable. At least they can now all eat yoghurt, thougtfully provided by a friend of the Obama’s.

    4. If I may, with all due respect, say that you remind me of Lee Duigan. First the bad news (that scares us), then the humor (that restores us). As long as we have a Dept of Education, the school system will remain corrupt. But we gots free yogurt! Unfortunately, unlike your good character, the character of these people providing the free yogurt precludes turning hunger into a motivator because it’s used as a controller. Hunger brings out their violence because EVERYTHING brings out violence these days and the nannies know this. Maybe we should send them to a Marxist dictatorship temporary camp where starvation is used to bring them into the compliant, obedient slaves we sometimes wish they were…hmmm…

    5. Looking at it from my parents’ point of view: Why should they have distrusted the schools? In their own experience, there was nothing wrong with public schools. Believe it or not, 100 years ago, it was the teachers’ unions–really!–that kept the education theorists from getting their claws into the children.

      People are naturally and sorely tempted to trust the schools–it’s so easy to do that! I’ve been beating my head against that brick wall for years, and the results are hardly encouraging.

      Nevertheless, there are more homeschooling families now than ever before, and we ought to support them–because America is gonna need those kids, big-time!

    6. You betcha! My grandchildren are in a private Christian school and both parents have to work for it. I homeschooled 2 of my friend’s little boys from birth to age 6 and 7 respectively. Dominick could read by age 2 and Daimian could put together any lego set in front of him, They both counted to Spanish, knew which streets were not safe streets, were baptized in church & recited the entire Lord’s Prayer (even though their mom didn’t believe in Jesus) and understood the meaning of “infinity.” Dominick knew how to turn batteries into light, and, immediately, understood the concept of time dissolution after watching one youtube video. They moved to Idaho.

    7. Amen! Remember, the average German was just trying to survive, but they gave over their judgement to those whom assumed authority and ended up participating in travesty. I’ll stay within the confines of civil law, but they will never usurp my sense of personal responsibility.

      If you scratch the surface of these various problems, snowflake millenials, etc, you quickly uncover a juncture at which personal responsibility was subsumed by external authority. We are responsible for our actions; every single one of us.

    8. My generation has made a royal mess of things.

      But college is subtle. All the while I was there, back in the Sixties, I *thought* I was successfully resisting indoctrination. That’s because they kept me busy resisting the obvious stuff while the sneaky stuff got past my radar. It took me 30 years to find my way out of the woods they dropped me in.

    9. Now that’s hard to top. But maybe this could: During my college years in the 70’s I was a…oh shame! – a democrat!!! Even though I believed I was only 5 minutes left of the middle, the cesspool was and is so dense that even 5 minutes is for shame – and sham. My saving grace (that saved my mind) was that the only fakestream news I paid attention to was about Israel, which “news” I would vehemently refute, and threw a shoe at the TV more than once.

      I had a very young son during the late 70’s while in grad school and fought hard against his school to remove him “immediately” from a class on islam. And I brought a tough guy friend with me to the school principal whom my son accused of “touching” his butt and in the short time before removing him from that school, he was never sent to the principal’s office again – even when he deserved it. So the seeds were already being sown in my upward battle out of the swamp I too didn’t realize I was in. So I hear you. At least your “thoughts” were in the right place.

      PS: Thanks for letting me post this long and winding road.

  3. Life teaches its own lessons. They will either learn to grow up, or end up living out on the streets. It’s sink or swim. No one is going to help them once they are out of their safe spaces, and then they will learn just how useless gender studies and social justice really are.

    1. One would hope. I know that once I got out on my own and was paying my own way in life, I found myself doing tough jobs, but I made it work. Hunger is an excellent motivator.

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