The Honey Guide

No, it’s not a catalogue. It’s a wild bird that has a business relationship with the human beings in its neighborhood. (Thanks to Mike S. for sending us this video.)

Hi, Mr. Nature here. I don’t remember when I first learned about the honey guide. It was either in a “Mark Trail” Sunday color comic strip or one of those Golden stamp and coloring books.

But this bird is really cool. It will lead people to a beehive so they can collect the honey. In return, they share with the bird. This is not something that they teach the bird, so we wonder how the bird learns it. My guess would be from its parents. I’m not interested in any Darwinian fairy tales about “instinct” and “survival strategies.” It’s interaction between people and a wild bird.

It’s God’s stuff, and we love it.

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  1. These animal/human interaction videos are precious! As you always say, Lee, God’s Stuff is the best 🙂

    Here’s a video I think I sent you once before, but I’d like to share it again. It’s not animal/human interaction, but it’s awesome! (I hope the link works)
    I don’t know how to copy and paste a link without the video itself showing up in the comment.

    1. Actually, Linda, I like for the video itself to show up on the comment. Then I don’t have to wonder how to make it show up.

      This video is spectacular, and it’s a mystery of me, how they filmed it.

      We have an aggressive hawk in our neighborhood who once almost got me right in the kisser as I was walking up the sidewalk: diving for pigeons, he almost nailed me instead. Shades of Kirk Douglas in “The Vikings”!

      This hawk has been a very effective predator around here, but the sparrows have found a way to beat him. They rally inside the foliage of a dense evergreen bush and mob the hawk if he tries to go in after them. He soon gives up.

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    That is an excellent demonstration of commerce without money between nature groups, bird and mammal. Adam Smith’s theory is not restricted in application to the species of homo sapiens.

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