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‘Memory Lane: Golden Stamp Books’ (2016)

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These were some of my all-time favorite toys–the Golden stamp books.

Memory Lane: Golden Stamp Books

Of course, you had to have an attention span, and an imagination, to enjoy these. On each page was a short article to read, a line drawing to color with your crayons, and a full-color stamp to paste in.

I don’t know how old I was when my Grammie got me In Days of Old: The Story of the Middle Ages–ten, tops, no older than that–but I remember it as if I’d read it yesterday. The pictures and the text ignited my imagination, and to this day I’m still interested in the Middle Ages. Still learning.

I am so glad I didn’t have to settle for “Zombie Apocalypse” on some kind of electronic gizmo.

‘Memory Lane: Golden Stamp Books’

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This, of course, was one of my favorites

How I loved these Golden Stamp Books! Especially on a rainy summer day: sitting on the grass rug on our back porch, coloring the pictures and pasting in the stamps.


Of course, you have to have an attention span, to enjoy these. You had to be able to sit and do something quietly, maybe humming or whistling to yourself, content to sojourn in the world of the imagination. No cell phones, smartphones, iphones, etc.

It was bliss.

The Honey Guide

No, it’s not a catalogue. It’s a wild bird that has a business relationship with the human beings in its neighborhood. (Thanks to Mike S. for sending us this video.)

Hi, Mr. Nature here. I don’t remember when I first learned about the honey guide. It was either in a “Mark Trail” Sunday color comic strip or one of those Golden stamp and coloring books.

But this bird is really cool. It will lead people to a beehive so they can collect the honey. In return, they share with the bird. This is not something that they teach the bird, so we wonder how the bird learns it. My guess would be from its parents. I’m not interested in any Darwinian fairy tales about “instinct” and “survival strategies.” It’s interaction between people and a wild bird.

It’s God’s stuff, and we love it.

Memory Lane: Golden Stamp Books

Vintage Golden Book

Hey, remember these? Golden Stamp Books, from the 1950s–one of my all-time favorite toys.

These books were a three-way delight. Each page had a short article or story for you to read, a line drawing for you to color–and, best of all, these brightly-colored stamps, pictured above, that you could paste on to the appropriate page. The one you see here, In Days of Old: The Story of the Middle Ages, was one of my favorites.

Golden Books published a whole series of these, and I had quite a few of them–stamp books on African animals, pirates, dinosaurs, and whatnot.

A kid could learn a lot from these books. They were “educational” without sacrificing any fun. Of course, you had to be able to sit quietly and contentedly for a little while, reading and coloring and pasting in stamps, and you had to be able to use your imagination: but I suppose that’s what made these so out-and-out wonderful. As you can see, I’ve never forgotten them, although it’s been going on 60 years since I’ve seen one.

I think there’s a lot to be said for being able to sit quietly and use your imagination. And it would be a better world if more people know how to do it.

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