‘You Got no Interllecturals Day’

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Well, the Day “without” No Immagrints Day it was a Big Sucxsess and it gived us hear “at” Collidge a reel Grate idear!! Lets seee how Quick The countrie it Cries Uncle iff al them stopid ordrinary dumb peple thay got to Do without us Interllecturals for a Day!!!

And So we has orgranized “the” Day without No Interrlecturals Day it is scredulled for Feb. 30 and jist yiu waight And see What Happens wen thay hasnt got No interllecturals to do thare stopid “thinkin” for them! Boy wil thay be hurtin!! Then thay willl al Think Twicet abote standin Arond like dops wile Donold Trump he burns Up “the” hole Worlld jist so he “Can” make a Prophit!!

Jist think! Four one hole day them Stopid Dops thay wont have No more Gender Studies! No Wimmins Studies! No Socile Jutstice Studies! It wil be as Bad as havving No Ellectrisity and No Viddio games! Oh are thay goin “to” howell!! and it wil Serve them rihght!!! Thay wil soon Be begging for Us to come “back and” do al thare thinkin For them! And then thay wil have to Let Hillery be pressidint!

P.S.–As yiu Can seee i am Out of Jale now becose thay kicked Me out affter jist one Nihght and gess whatt them Fashist cops thay didd? Thay made a Terrarist Threat on me, “thay” sayed iff I ever gets Arested again thay goin to cal My Fambly! I dont want that to hapen becose my Grand Ma and Grand Pa thay sayed thay wuld use my asp for Targit Practise iff thay “see” me arond anymore. So i Has got “to” avoyed them for a wile!

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  1. A day without intellectuals… I like it. On a side note, I don’t get the whole “day without immigrants.” What point are they trying to make? No one is even arguing against legal immigration. But I guess they always have to protest something.

  2. Maybe if they can figure out how to store up a couple of leap year days, they can tack them on at the end of any other February – voila! – February 30th! 🙂

  3. Here’s another ‘interlectural’ for you. This Jesuit resident of the Vatican is at it again:


    From the article:

    “In an impassioned address Friday, Pope Francis denied the existence of Islamic terrorism, while simultaneously asserting that “the ecological crisis is real.”

    EDITOR’S NOTE: The man that 1.4 billion Catholics call “the vicar of Christ” wants you to “defend our Sister Mother Earth” as well as “stand up for Muslims”. He is morphing into the New Age False Prophet or the Antichrist – take your pick – in front of our eyes. In claiming that the pope is the “Vicar of Christ,” the Catholic Church rejects the sufficiency and supremacy of Christ’s priesthood, and grants to the pope roles that Christ Himself declared would belong to the Holy Spirit. It is therefore blasphemy to ascribe to the pope the title of “Vicar of Christ.”

    1. This is what I say about libs like the Pope: they have an uncanny ability to deny plain facts in evidence and replace them with pure baloney, in order to serve whatever political end they are pursuing. This Pope has just demonstrated a most shameful example of that.

      “Sister Earth”… Jesu deliver us out of this age of lies and darkness.

  4. IMO, this pope is certainly deluded by the new age nonsense, so,common in our day. Psalm 118:8 tells us:

    “It is better to take refuge in the Lord
    Than to trust in man.”

    Putting all of our hope in a pontiff, a Protestant religious leader, a rabbinic teacher or any other man is folly. Our refuge is in the LORD.

    1. Raised in communist Argentina contributed to his heretical views. And add the Jesuit influence into the mix and he is the product.

      Also, did you happen to see this?


      and here is the editor’s note:

      “EDITOR’S NOTE: Race baiter Russell Simmons wants you to “be a Muslim” this weekend, and make a stand for “African Americans, women, Latinos, Asians and LGBTQ”. But what he does not want you to do is to support our president, and he calls white males “the oppressor”, which leads me to believe that at least part of his rally is an incitement against white males.”

      Outrageous! Judgment is coming – and it will not be pretty.

    2. It’d serve the silly bugger right if a couple of Muslims took him into slavery. They still do that to Africans in Africa.

      As for the Red Pope, John Paul II must be spinning in his grave. He labored mightily to break the power of the Jesuits, because their theology appalled him–well, I guess he lost his battle.

    1. See, there it is again–leftids denying plain facts and replacing them with hogwash. These people have certainly absorbed the current collidge teaching that there’s no such thing as truth, only who wins or loses politically.

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