Is the President’s Name Hate Speech?

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Tippecanoe and Tyler too!

Well, apparently it is, according to the principal of a high school in Connecticut, where some of the students chanted “Trump, Trump, Trump!” to distract the other team’s free-throw shooters during a basketball game ( ).

The principal said this “crossed the line” into hate speech. Possibly because the school represented by the other team had a lot of minority students–I don’t know. Is it forbidden to mention our president by name?

Do we need a list of presidents whose names are OK to chant while the other team is trying to sink foul shots? Let’s try a couple. “Harding, Harding, Harding!” “Tyler, Tyler, Tyler!” Nope, those didn’t work. People just said “Huh?” Then again, we’re talking public high schools here. They probably never heard of Warren G. Harding or John Tyler.

Anyhow, the principal is looking forward to a good old-fashioned grovel, and maybe another “forum on race, racism, and equity” like they had when some students chanted “SAT scores, SAT scores, SAT scores!” to imply that they, the suburban kids, were smarter than the kids in inner city schools.

Do you still think sports brings out the best in people?

Well, if we were bringing up our kids as Christians, they would, by the time they were in high school, know it’s wrong to try to hurt other people’s feelings–although I still don’t see how the president’s name does that. And if we were bringing them up to use their brains, they’d know SAT scores do not measure intelligence.

Let’s try another one. “Benjamin Harrison, Benjamin Harrison, Benjamin Harrison!” Ooh! Gotta be careful with that! A guy across the way just fell off a scaffold while I was chanting that one.

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  1. You are pushing all the buttons today, Lee. Next thing you’ll be doing is saying “mom” and “apple pie”. 🙂

    It is to laugh. These people are the prisoners of their own delusion, at this point. Everybody has to have some god that they turn to, and this generation has not only made political correctness into a god, they’ve expanded the definition of what it politically incorrect to include all but their own little world.

    And sports no longer brings out much of anything good. Look at the sports stars of the day; some of them are borderline criminals, many act like they own the world. Frankly, I don’t think that chanting anything during a free-throw is sportsmanlike. It may be common to do so, these days, but as I understand sports, the purpose is to play well and win the game based upon skill and athletic prowess, not by trying to distract players on the other team.

  2. Has Joe Collidge weighed in on this?

    Apparently Colin Kapernak (don’t know if the spelling is right) is reassuring any team that will hire him that he will now stand for the National Anthem – since he got the boot and is looking for a job lol. So much for holding to your conviction. This, to me, is hilarious – and just desserts!

    1. I was in a restaurant yesterday, and saw them interviewing him. I don’t think that convictions are at the core of it: I think he did is as an act of defiance.

    2. That should read: I was in a restaurant yesterday, and saw them interviewing him on TV. I’m relatively certain that the restaurant wasn’t interviewing him. 🙂

    3. “It depends on what kind of collidge degree he has.”

      I’m pretty certain that is post-doc material, these days. 🙂

    4. I was thinking of his taking to one knee during the anthem. That, IMHO, was more about defiance than any political position.

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