Anti-Brexit Jokes Falling Flat

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Liberals just don’t get regular people. They can’t understand why the rest of us don’t think it’s hilarious when they call us stupid, reckless, bigoted, etc.

British comedians are perplexed that audiences have been walking out on their anti-Brexit routines ( ). Gee, who would’ve thought it? I mean, just because a majority of the country voted to leave the EU, obviously not as intelligent as the comedians and the dorks in London who voted to stay in… We should be so grateful to them for pointing that out to us–right?

They will never get it. They’d need functioning brains, and as liberals, they’re just plain out of luck in that department.

P.S.–Well, the ant video went onto Facebook easy as pie, so now let me see if this one will, too. Fingers crossed…

P.P.S.–Mission accomplished! So it looks like it’s just a problem with the URL (whatever that is) of that one article. And yet it did make it onto the Pat Duigon Facebook page.


4 comments on “Anti-Brexit Jokes Falling Flat

  1. Part of the leftist ideology is that there are no possible opinions other than ours, just mental aberrations and evil intentions. And by saying that, I don’t mean to accuse leftists of what they accuse their opponents of. Having once been a leftist myself, I remember how my friends and I simply couldn’t fathom the idea that anyone could disagree with us, unless they were stupid, evil, and/or sick. Most of us had never heard that there WERE any other possible opinions.

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