Computer Hell Again

Well, now the accursed machine won’t let me post to Facebook at all. While I try to do it, watch the poor ant try in vain to cross the circle drawn around her in blue ink. I hope that at the end of the experiment the human releases the ant from this dilemma. Right now, I think I know just how the ant feels.

So let’s see if it works…

P.S.–I think it’s the scent of the ink that has confused the ant.

8 comments on “Computer Hell Again

  1. Can you try from a neighbor’s PC? That would be my first step in troubleshooting such a problem. If you can’t do it from another PC, then the problem may well be on their end.

  2. what a nuisance. I have had the same problem, and in addition, several men who are wearing military uniforms, etc. have requested friend status with me, and then I get a message from an unknown woman telling me that this or that man is a bad dude who is scamming me. Today, I am pretty much off facebook, and don’t think I’ll go back– not worth it.

    1. Well, Erlene, I have to grab for every little bit of advertising I can reach, my publisher having no advertising budget to speak of. Besides which, this blog is a major part of my ministry, and I have to try to make it grow. The fact that I don’t know how to make it grow has been a considerable obstacle to growth. Nevertheless, it has grown steadily every year–and I give God the glory for that.

    2. We appreciate it, Lee. You are doing much good with this blog.

      As an author, you need publicity and your readers appreciate being able to communicate with you.

    3. Part of my job includes computer security and the like. I don’t claim to be an expert on the subject, but I know that computers can expose us to a lot of dangers with regard to privacy, etc.

      I understand that Facebook has become a huge factor in our society, both in business and in personal communications. My own experiences with Facebook have been unsettling. Endless “friend requests” from people I’ve never heard of were the starting point. Scam artists were another issue and the backbiting and slander is a deal killer.

      As I see it, for a business it makes a degree of sense, but I would not put any personal information anywhere on the web, none, zero, nada. If you make friends with someone online, you might cautiously allow them contact via email, but I’d wait a while before giving out any personal information.

      If you agree to meet someone in person do so in a public place and be certain that they are whom they say they are. Make any such arrangements through private messaging, so that no third party can read of the arrangements. Almost everyone you meet online is exactly the person they purport to be, but there are criminals out there whom will invest time and effort into luring people to a meeting under false pretenses.

      Be careful.

  3. Yes, I agree. I am very old, and there is no reason whatever to make any arrangements for “meeting” anyone that I don’t already know. Navigating these things can be tricky.

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