Paganism in the Church

I’m going to bring up articles from the archives that most of you never had the opportunity to see.

For the next three days it’ll be articles on “Paganism in the Church,” which were part of a series published by The Chalcedon Foundation in 2006. This was a journalistic project for me, chosen by my editors to be the first items posted on this blog when it was created in 2010.

To the objection that “Those articles are ten years old–so what good are they now?”, I can only say that I doubt the the problems have gone away and things have gotten better over the intervening seven years. “Feminist theology,” anyone? You’ll find it at your nearest seminary. God save us.

3 comments on “Paganism in the Church

  1. Good for you, Lee. This is a subject I teach on at every opportunity.
    In the last days, Paul said, “people will not endure sound doctrine, but will gather to themselves teachers who will speak just messages they like to hear”. The church needs a good shaking up.

  2. Indeed, Erlene! Itching ears and an easy way out is unfortunately the fare of the day. Namby pamby escape artists with their own doctrines are not the Church of the Living God! Naptime is over kiddies!

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