Good News! (For Once)

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“School officials”–a euphemism for dunderheads–at Beaver High School in Pennsylvania were in the news this month for forbidding a student to mention the name of Jesus Christ in her graduation speech–and she did it anyway (

Moriah Bridges said, “I’ve always been a rule follower… But today, in the spirit of defying expectations, and for perhaps the last time at this podium, I say, ‘in the righteous name of Jesus Christ, Amen.” For which she received a long and loud ovation.

The school bigwigs don’t know what to do about it. They’re stumped. Like, it’s too late to make her repeat high school. Their position was that it’s “against the law” for anyone connected with the school district to invoke the name of Jesus Christ.

We hail and applaud this young woman for having, as the Apostles had, the courage to obey God rather than men.

We need a great deal more of this.

9 comments on “Good News! (For Once)

  1. Hooray! and Hallelujah!

    Let’s pray that there will be more brave souls. They can’t expel ’em all.

  2. They seem to forget that the First Ammendment guarantees freedom to practice our religion. The state cannot impose a state religion, but individuals are free to practice their religion without interference.

    1. Indeed, Unknowable. But oh how the libs have tried to force the word ‘separation’ into the mix. We are guaranteed freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion!

  3. “As superintendent, I took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and of this commonwealth.” Where in the Constitution is religious speech prohibited? The first amendment guarantees free speech and freedom of religion. I see nothing about schools being able to infringe on these rights. The notion of separation between church and state appears nowhere in the Constitution. This phrase only appears in unofficial documents penned by Jefferson, and only then to assure the Baptists that the government would not favor one denomination over another. She obviously doesn’t know the Constitution nearly as well as she thinks she does.

    1. This is liberal dogma–that the Constitution demands repression of Christianity. They don’t question it. There are judges’ opinions that they like, and these they equate with the Constitution.

      A superintendent of schools is, in fact, incapable of questioning this dogma. If she tried, her head would fall off.

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