How Wacko Dems Will Reach Out to America

See how much of this you can take.

So the Democrat “strategist” comes on Tucker Carlson’s show to proclaim, “Democrats are going to run on American values.” Oh, please. Usually they run over American values.

But what “American values” is he talking about? Open borders? Transgenderism? Race war? No. He’s talking about “jobs.” And he says more immigration is going to create more jobs in America. He is not able to explain how importing millions more poor people will do that. He also seems to be suggesting that it’s not just poor people, but “engineers and scientists” who are sneaking over the border illegally.

Dude! I challenge you or any other Democrat to name a single mainstream American value that you and your friends do not despise. You may give lip service, for example, to Christianity–but we see you promoting abortion, sodomy, disregard for law, class warfare, etc. You’re right out there in the open, wrecking our culture and writing us off as deplorables. We know who you are and what you want. That’s why Donald Trump is president.

I just can’t wait to see how these weirdos reach out to America.

3 comments on “How Wacko Dems Will Reach Out to America

  1. I read yesterday that the Dems had rebranded themselves in preparation for 2018. What a joke! Apparently, there are some people that believe it’s all about slogans.

    1. The libs are great with slogans. They just want no part of real solutions. I dare say, no politician wants solutions. Foot-dragging and fundraising are their biggest achievements. Mostly what politicians do is detrimental to the society they were elected to represent. It will remain thus until the return of our Lord and Savior.

  2. Yes, folks, you are correct. These are the “perilous times” Scripture warns us about. We have to keep our focus on the main thing.

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