Official and Bona Fide Video of Honest-to-Pete Japanese Nephilim

“This is not fake!” an organization called “Conspiratruth” assures us. Well, you coulda fooled me.

That “giants in the earth” verse in the Bible (Genesis 6:4) has inspired an awful lot of twaddle. The Hebrew word doesn’t mean “genuine 15-foot tall giants who require special exemption to the laws of gravity so that their otherwise human skeletons don’t collapse,” but never mind. You don’t have to call them “nephilim.” You can call them “Annunaki.” They’re from Orion. There is not really any such place as Orion, but never mind.

The folks in this footage, otherwise occupied by some kind of military parade, seem to take the giant in their stride.

How many people, educated at great cost to the public and to their families, believe in conspiracy theories? In Annunaki from Orion? In “You can keep your doctor”?


4 comments on “Official and Bona Fide Video of Honest-to-Pete Japanese Nephilim

  1. The problem, of course, is one of scaling. If there actually were 15′ tall humans they could not possibly be shaped the same as a 6′ tall human. Andre the Giant was 7′ 4″ and quite bulky. Referring to him s a giant is not so far fetched, compared to the average person, he was a giant, but he wasn’t 15′ tall, or even half that.

    Just this weekend I saw a depiction of David & Goliath which showed Goliath as relatively slender and about 15′ tall. Couldn’t happen without breaking some physical laws.

  2. The ‘giant’ in this video seems to have two sets of knees – one set where they should be and the other halfway up the thighs. Really? Giants probably do need two sets of knees 🙂

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