New Global Warming Threat! Your Pet

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Ooooh! First they came for our cars, then they came for our air conditioners, then they came for our freakin’ toilet paper–and now they’re coming for our pets. Save The Planet from cats and dogs!

According to “scientists” [sic.] at UCLA, “as the threat of Global Warming increases” [cue raspberry sound effect]… “environmentally-conscious pet owners may need to make some tough choices…” and ultimately make “a transition to pets that eat less meat,” instead of dogs and cats (

Well, ever since the town said I couldn’t have a pet elephant…

Cats and dogs serve a positive purpose in the lives of humans. In fact, they serve any number of constructive purposes.

Has anybody calculated how much carbon dioxide, and sheer hot air, liberals and “scientists” belch into the atmosphere? Like, how much good does Debbie Wasserman Schultz actually do, compared to the good done by any cat or dog?

What do these benighted people want from us? What will we have to yield to them before their appetite for our liberties is satisfied? I mean, do they want us to switch over to, say, pet houseflies? Yeah, that would be about their speed. “Here, Buzzy, Buzzy! I’ve got some nice rotting filth for you!”

Science, education, journalism, government–all, all, all our institutions in a high-speed race to the bottom!

May Jesus Christ Our Lord defend us.

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  1. It makes perfect sense. They’re desperately trying to get rid of us by any and all means possible, from ‘helping’ us die (as in euthanasia’) – for us older folks, of course, to making health insurance too costly to bother with, to killer vaccines, to manufactured mega viruses (such as AIDS and ebola). If pets are good for us, they’re bad for their plans. After all, they’re looking for negative, not positive, results. Besides, pets are consuming resources and producing the dreaded CO2.

    These people are evil radicals who want the population to maintain at 500 million, which begs the question – what to do about the other 6 billion of us useless eaters. This is not a conspiracy theory. These things are from their own mouths. Check out (youtube or google) Bill Gates, Ted Turner, George Soros and many more. It has been suggested by some that those who are suggesting this should go first. I agree.

    This is the devil’s work and they are his minions.

  2. They are so stupid! Who do they think is swallowing this gunk! If they only knew how radically idiotic they appear to ‘real people”.

  3. I read an article a few years back about the importance of dogs. As it turns out, without dogs civilization would probably have progressed much more slowly. They did much to enable the herding of animals, etc. as wonderful as they are as companions, they are essential to our olives and economies.

    Cats make the storage of grains feasible. Eliminate cats and your graineries will have become luxury amusement parks for mice, etc. You’d better develop a taste for rodent droppings if that were to happen, because that would be the end results.

    Fear of CO2 has become a modern version of Middle Ages superstition. There was recently a peer reviewed paper exposing the fact that climate studies have relied on “corrected” data in order to come up with the conclusion NGOs are warming. “Corrected”, in this case, means that they actually changed the temps to what they thought it should be in order to support their theory.

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