Introducing…. the Quokka

Even Mr. Nature doesn’t know everything about nature; so when “Watchman” asked if I’d ever heard of the quokka, reputed to be “the happiest animal in the world,” I had to say no. Nevertheless, there is such an animal and here it is.

I think they look like a cross between a kangaroo and a teddy bear. They live on scattered islands off the coast of Australia, and are zealously protected from overattentive tourists who just can’t get enough of them. Unlike most kangaroos and teddy bears, quokkas are very good at climbing trees.

God’s stuff–we never run out of things to love and admire in His handiwork.

6 comments on “Introducing…. the Quokka

  1. Thanks for the hat-tip Lee. Isn’t it amazing that no matter our age, we still mange to discover animals that are new to us. I encourage you to Google Image “Quokka selfie”, you wont be disappointed. 🙂

  2. What an adorable little guy! The selfies are so cute! Can you imagine having one of these little guys around smiling all the time? 🙂

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