Jack climbing the wall of the Palace of Obann–don’t look down, Jack!–had hardly a more difficult time than we’ve been having since our computer’s hard drive died last weekend. But like our hero, we’re making progress.

Tomorrow morning Adam the tech is coming over to re-install our regular computer. Thanks to the old keyboard here, I was able to write and send my Newswithviews column today. And among the many reasons why getting the old hoss back is a very good thing, I’m just about ready to type and submit another set of chapters of The Temptation.

What will Lord Chutt find as he digs up the ruins of Old Obann? Will Lord Orth come back, or will he venture farther into the East to preach to the Heathen? And will Gurun’s brothers finally make it to Lintum Forest, where their sister is?

To those of you who are new to this blog, I hope you’ll soon make acquaintance with my books. All nine of them (so far: more will come) are available for your examination. Just click “Books” and you’ll get the covers, featuring Kirk DouPonce’s glorious artwork, and sample chapters. Or you can look them up on and read the Customer Reviews. If this sounds like a commercial, that’s only because it is. But you can’t blame a writer for wanting readers!

4 comments on “Progress!

  1. Chutt is devious and power hungry, along with his greed. Not a good combination when rummaging around Old Obann! 🙂 – and if Ysbott is involved, well that will be interesting indeed, Ysbott being an expert rummager! (Since we haven’t read The Silver Trumpet yet, we don’t even know if Ysbott is still around!). As for Sunfish, I can’t decide where I’d want him to go – that’s a toughie. Somehow you always work out the best solutions though 🙂

    Any word on Silver Trumpet?

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