Remote-Controlled… People?

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Sounds like every liberal’s dream, doesn’t it? Remotely “hack” someone’s brain to make him do what you want him to do.

Well, a team of “scientists,” whatever they are anymore, has managed to do just that: remotely control a brain to make the subject run, freeze in place, or lose control of his limbs ( But don’t worry–they only did it to a mouse. No one would dream of doing it to another human being.

Every utopian humanist dream fulfilled! Total obedience! No more trouble with the masses: they’ll just have to do as they’re told. Shoot, where’s Boris Karloff when you need him? And Peter Lorre? Can’t you just hear Lorre whispering, “Now, Mr. Patient, pick up the knife–yes, that’s right–and I will press this little button, and you will stab Mr. Greedy in the back, right between the shoulder-blades. I owe him a lot of money, you see…”

It’s all Jurassic Park. And just wait till the dinosaurs get loose.

7 comments on “Remote-Controlled… People?

    1. Bloomberg thought you could control people by levying taxes on behavior. But with this technology our masters won’t have to get up from the couch.

  1. I’m thinking there comes a point when we know too much for our own good. When Eve ate the fruit, she gained knowledge of good and evil, but that knowledge didn’t lead to anything good. Perhaps we are in that same predicament.

  2. Ah, but who will hack the hackers?

    If this weren’t so ominous, it would make a great old-time Saturday morning cartoon, with all the characters chasing each other and zapping and counter-zapping each other.

  3. It seems to me they’ve been doing this to our children for a couple decades now. The difference today is that it’s gone electronic. Scary world!

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